“Cask is the first to deliver what they said at the quality promised on a timeline that works for our business. This was by far the absolute best experience we’ve had in dealing with a delivery team.” 

Executive Sponsor, Consumer Electronics Company

“We Can’t Find Our Stuff”

After 10 years working with various ServiceNow partners, a multinational consumer electronics and video game company was ready to throw in the towel on a system that had become bogged down with custom implementations. Over the years, they had highly configured and customized their system to the point where usability became problematic. Workflows didn’t quite work, notifications didn’t happen, and general navigation in the system became extremely problematic. Even standard maintenance had become a headache.

Users struggled to find the information they needed, and a common refrain heard across the board was, “We just can’t find our stuff.” The system had become a source of frustration, rather than the time-saving tool it could be. With Cask’s help, the company was able to gain control over their ServiceNow assets.

[Cask is] a professional team with the ServiceNow platform technical expertise, ITIL and industry knowledge, strong program/project management, and excellent overall customer service.”

System Admin, Consumer Electronics Company

Total Recall

With business needs mounting, the team got to work rebuilding the system and processes from the ground up.

Initially, Cask’s working sessions were able to directly address many of their issues within the current system, and then set out to streamline the process with a brand new implementation.

“We shared with them what an out-of-box process and an out-of-box tool implementation should look like, and from there, we started to look at their requirements and how closely they aligned with these out-of-box practices,” – Matt Gilchrist, Cask Project Manager

Cask offered technical assistance and support throughout the reimplementation to make sure that any process decisions would still stay within the company’s requirements, and that the platform would support them. Over the course of the business relationship with Cask, the client was able to build eight modules within their portal.

Starting from a process standpoint, Cask team members built stories within the platform to support operations on their path to development. As each module was completed, the team continued onto the next one, until the process and vision were fully realized. 

Lights On

With their reimplementation complete, the client realized how much easier their processes should be and Cask was able to give them a functioning system that provides value to this day. 

Ensuring continual governance and support of their platform, we were able to offer our client post-production support for continued help with any missteps that might occur or direction for best practices. Keeping up with new releases of ServiceNow and having continued support, guaranteeing our client will not see the same pitfalls once occurred within their system.

The client is now able to track many more metrics than they could prior to this effort. For example, mean time to close tickets and ticketing categories has allowed the team to meet compliance standards and improved the way business is run.

It’s like a light switch was turned on, and our client can actually see what they are doing. They’re able to categorize and get counts of problems that they couldn’t even track before.” 

Joel Head, Cask Account Executive

Winning Game

Ultimately, Cask’s approach and methodology provided a true partner for a client who had been burned in the past. Pain points have been eliminated, and the system is being utilized to its full potential.

“[Cask] provided the guidance and oversight needed that not only kept us on track but also challenged our thinking and processes to ensure we were staying in line with our initial objectives, goals, and decision to limit customization and stay out of box as much as possible.” 

Let’s Innovate!

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