ServiceNow San Diego Release Features: What’s New?

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The ServiceNow San Diego release became available in March of this year, offering upgraded and modernized visual design and advanced robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities that take automation to the next level.

This version of the Now Platform was created to assist businesses in creating a more enjoyable, productive, and streamlined employee experience (EX). It also aims to support enterprises with industry-specific challenges faced by banks, insurance firms, telecommunications companies, and technology suppliers.

Introduction to ServiceNow San Diego

ServiceNow designed the San Diego release to help businesses dramatically improve the employee experience by accelerating hyperautomation, keeping employees engaged, and making work processes more effective and productive.

ServiceNow San Diego’s upgraded user interface (UI) allows users to access their most important tasks, across all applications, on a single platform. It delivers a streamlined and modern navigation experience that makes it easy to access user history and favorites and dive into work quickly.

ServiceNow San Diego Features

The ServiceNow San Diego release offers several innovative features and applications, including fixes for current products. We’ve highlighted its most exciting features to prepare you for the upgraded ServiceNow platform experience (if you haven’t jumped in already).

1. Next Experience

The Next Experience provides modern, intuitive navigation tools, an improved user interface (UI), and a new component library. The user experience delivers enhanced personalization options, such as accessibility preferences, information density, layout preferences, and a choice between light and dark modes.

Its upgraded, modern visual design includes a completely redesigned component library, new iconography, typography, and illustrations.

The Next Experience will help users quickly access information necessary to complete tasks. It features 25 purpose-built workspaces with advanced visual designs and surface insights with dashboards, all driven by machine learning to assign tasks and recommend the next best actions.

2. Automation Engine

The ServiceNow San Diego release introduced the Automation Engine, making it possible for organizations to unify their approach to hyperautomation. The Automation Engine is a complete automation and integration solution that combines integration and new robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities.

The Automation Engine also includes a new RPA Hub, a centralized command and control center for software robot monitoring, management, and deployment. When automating and taking over repetitive and time-consuming jobs, these digital robots boost workforce productivity and eliminate human error.

The Automation Engine, combined with ServiceNow’s low-code app, the App Engine, works to make it easy to automate across multiple systems. The Automation Engine includes:

  • Integration Hub — which enables low-code integration to connect ServiceNow to modern or legacy systems through APIs
  • RPA Hub — the central command center for digital robots that can perform UI-based integrations and automation
  • RPA Hub Spoke — enables developers to incorporate RPA into any ServiceNow workflow, featuring 1,300+ pre-built components to accelerate time to value for automation initiatives
  • RPA Desktop Design Studio — a low-code integrated development environment that allows users to design, test, and publish attended and unattended bots

3. Industry Solutions

The ServiceNow San Diego release delivers new, innovative solutions that address the unique challenges and needs of banking institutions, insurance companies, and technology providers. The Now Platform provides industry-specific solutions, including:

  • Banking —  deposit operations for banking automate standard checking, savings, and certificate of deposit requests, help banking employees work faster and improve the end-customer experience. The client lifecycle operations for banking streamlines document processing for onboarding, address updates, name changes, and more.
  • Insurance  ServiceNow introduced modernized insurance operations to suit the needs of carriers and their customers, which includes personal and commercial lines servicing, resolving customer issues faster by connecting distribution, underwriting, and servicing teams.
  • Technology Providers — combines customer care and operations with AI-powered self-service options. Order management for technology providers allows users to quickly deliver automated workflows to launch and deliver products and services.

Learn More About ServiceNow San Diego

The San Diego release notes can help you determine whether previously customized items are being upgraded, if the upgrade includes the functionality you require, and if its fixes resolve issues affecting your instance.

If you’d like to learn more about the San Diego release, review the release notes from your current version that include helpful information about new functionality, notable changes, and fixes.  Learn more about ServiceNow San Diego.

Find the Right Partner for ServiceNow Solutions

The ServiceNow San Diego release contains cutting-edge technology, provides an intuitive user experience, and delivers features that address real, industry-specific challenges. While The Now Platform offers tools to improve the upgrading process, you may require further assistance.

Find a ServiceNow partner who can help you learn more about the latest technologies and innovations in the San Diego release while also reducing the time and resources involved in the upgrade process.

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