Stone Brewery


clientstory_stonebrewStone Brewing is the 8th largest craft brewer in USA, and has been seeing rapid growth with new facilities opening in Richmond, VA and Berlin, Germany. There are four main components to the Stone Brewing business, and they were looking to find a tool that would be able to help across those components. Stone was using various legacy tech such as email, Excel, SharePoint, MS Project, etc. After evaluating the different options, Stone chose ServiceNow and was able to consolidate their various technologies to one tool. Unlike most organizations, Stone did not start off first using ServiceNow for IT. Stone Brewing started using ServiceNow forBrew Ops Maintenance, Facilities and Safety, then scoped Media and IT. By consolidating everything to ServiceNow, Stone Brewing was able to save $250,000.


Stone Brewing Co. was seeking help for their Field Service Management implementation. The initial attempt was incomplete, so they needed Cask’s guidance. This entailed getting a CMMS implemented and active in Stone Brewing, which included subcomponents of their employee facing catalog.

Cask Action

The Cask team collaborated with members of the Stone Brewing leadership team to evaluate the current state of the organization and their ServiceNow environment. Through the analysis, Cask took and leveraged Stone Brewing’s CMDB to restructure the hierarchical relationship of the plant equipment. In addition, Cask worked to assess the needs of the organization in determining the level of granularity of which they wanted to report in ServiceNow. This included developing data import processes and maps, implementing a revised data structure, and the next implementation of plant maintenance.


There are three planned releases that deploy in a monthly release cycle. The first 2 releases of this initiative have been completed. The first release ended in an updated data model which has 3 levels, in comparison to the flat model they were using prior. This updated data model provides more accurate and specific information for Stone Brewing. The second release was completion of underpinning of plant reactive maintenance. Cask is currently working on the third release which entails plant maintenance.