The Business of IT: Why Running IT Like a Business Matters More than You Realize








This guide will help you learn how to answer the following questions:

  • How do I communicate value to my business partners and stakeholders?
  • How are my services perceived by our users and customers?
  • How can I work more effectively with business partners to forecast and manage demand?
  • How can I track and manage costs to demonstrate value to my partners?


    You’ll get an overview of the Business of IT (BofIT) framework and learn why it is important to run IT like a business. You’ll learn how to communicate value by aligning your Services (what IT does) to what the Business needs. Discover how to unlock the full value of IT through financial transparency and making investment decisions that align with your business partner needs. Also, discover how to optimize project portfolio management and prioritize business demand to maximize enterprise value. We’ll bring these concepts full circle, helping you identify where you are and how you can get started on the journey to running IT like a business.
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