The Most Overlooked Part of Digital Transformation

The Most Overlooked Part of Digital Transformation

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There’s a lot of talk about “digital transformation” lately, but not everyone understands or agrees on what the phrase means.

So let’s go beyond definitions and theory and get more practical.

For the engineers and advisors at Cask, transformation becomes a process of integration. More than simply implementing a new technology, digital transformation involves bringing people, processes, and technology together through all areas of a business to improve the experience for employees as well as customers.

Focus on People

Many organizations purchase ServiceNow thinking it will deliver digital transformation all by itself, straight out of the box. Too often such companies overlook what we call the “people factor.” Instead of expecting employees to conform to the technology, businesses would do better to match tools and processes to their people.

Consumerize the Employee Experience

To attract and retain talent these days, companies are expected to deliver a seamless digital experience that aligns with their employees’ daily lives. Cask recently helped transform the employee journey for a global cyber-security firm by creating a more personalized, consumer-like experience.

ServiceNow HR Advantages:

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Consolidate access globally
  • Modernize, simplify and automate annual tasks
  • Personalize the experience
  • Elevate the brand

Using ServiceNow HR to guide candidates through the onboarding process, Cask was able to immerse employees in the culture and connect them with the company more quickly. After putting the focus 100% on employee experience, the result was an 80% decrease in onboarding time and effort for employees, managers, and HR teams.

Transform Compliance with Automation

Cask helps a variety of organizations meet their compliance obligations by leveraging ServiceNow to automate many Report on Compliance (RoC)tasks. We go beyond the technology to collaborate closely with stakeholders in creating a culture of policy and compliance.
While many organizations continue to juggle multiple solutions and struggle with manual processes, all aspects of compliance can now be centrally created, automated, and managed with ServiceNow.

Cask artisan engineers use the Governance, Reporting, and Compliance module to do away with manual research and make compliance part of the company culture, instead of an annual panic attack.

We also help companies establish standards and internal control procedures, cross-mapped to external regulations and best practices.

Recently, we worked with a major online footwear retailer to transform its outdated, time-consuming compliance system. At the time, the company was taking on too much risk by having people continue to use spreadsheets and emails to manage its Report on Compliance.

ServiceNow GRC Automation Advantages:

  • Reduce or eliminate manual activities
  • Consolidate processes
  • Increase visibility and transparency
  • Reduce response time to incidents and vulnerabilities
  • Reduce email


At Cask, we’re continually looking for new ways to help businesses get the most out of their ServiceNow investment. By keeping the focus on people, and how processes and technology can help meet their needs, we can improve the experience for customers and employees alike.

At Cask, we know how to streamline business.

We understand that the world moves fast, but information moves faster. You need data in a hurry, and company-wide automation is the answer. If your business can’t keep pace, we can guide you through a strategic transformation to optimize your operational efficiency.

That’s why we are proud to partner with ServiceNow to provide the solutions to move from manual tasks and paper deliverables to digital applications for managing your business.