The Government National Mortgage Association, or Ginnie Mae, is a government-owned corporation of the United States Federal Government within the Department of Housing and Urban Development. About 150 employees handle customers such as Rocket Mortgage, Wells Fargo, and J.P. Morgan. Ginnie Mae currently operates with about $2 trillion in annual revenue ($1.5 billion in profit). The transformation of customer service management for this company would lead to many improved processes, increased efficiency, and overall higher satisfaction.

A mature organization facing new challenges, Ginnie Mae sought to become a leader in efficiency, employee and customer focus. However, with no existing centralized Customer Support Center, Ginnie Mae had become reliant on outsourced support using proprietary systems. This resulted in a lack of visibility and transparency, limited insight into customer problems, unknown consistency, and limited metrics for which to measure their success.

Customer comments would come in, typically through phone or email, and representatives would outsource their helpdesk to federal system integrators. These integrators would compile data on a monthly basis before sending this information to Ginnie Mae for review.

 Cask has been a great partner. They really helped Ginnie Mae identify areas of focus for Customer Service. With the reporting and metrics and dashboards available, I believe we can make our employee’s lives easier as we continue to track efficiency and optimize our process through the platform.”

Brad Dunn, Business Analyst at Ginnie Mae

“We really had very limited insight into what the customer problems were, and we didn’t focus any of our attention on it, because we didn’t see it,” Ginnie Mae’s Brad Dunn said.

Cask was brought on board to create a comprehensive solution that would work for the organization and drive adoption of this new workflow. To do this, the team worked to develop a case form that Ginnie Mae agents could repeatedly, easily fill out with all relevant information from the customer. This included any other information in adjacent systems to reduce the number of clicks for contractors working on projects. Once complete, Cask developed user guides and training to ensure adoption of the new process and to alleviate any concerns about new workflows. This transformation of customer service management for Ginnie Mae was already leading to fruitful results.

A single, centralized Customer Support Center built by Cask provided a polarized tiered help desk for process consistency. Ginnie Mae is now able to view real-time data on inbound call center volume, metrics, and customer pain points. Expansion included the ability to encompass additional benefits for internal customers as well as external customers (e.g., unclaimed funds (external), procurement (internal)). With the goal to drive engagement from key stakeholders throughout the project and improve adoption of the end solution, Cask worked to provide training that would underscore organizational change management throughout deployment through the transformation of customer service management.

“The new workflow is very intuitive,” Dunn said. “Within days of our customer service module going live, the agents were able to jump right in and begin using it. I was able to play around with metrics, reports, and dashboards, and also create reports and specific dashboards that executives will actually be able to use. The ability to get the data we need, in-house, has been a game changer for us.”

Within the first week or two of going live, Dunn said Ginnie Mae was able to identify errors in their process that would have had a significant impact on the business if not caught by the enhanced workflow.

“After gaining real-time visibility into our process, we found that a lot of our agents were spending their time re-training customers that were asking the same questions over and over. So, we built short tutorial videos and placed them alongside knowledge articles on our customer service portal to [eliminate rework] and so that customers would not have to call into a rep multiple times a day with the same questions,” Dunn said.

Accurate, real-time data also allowed Ginnie Mae to focus on improvements to their reporting, so that valuable financial data was received and deployed in a timely manner. Today, agents can take action in a matter of days rather than months, cutting 90 percent off their response time based on the new workflows.

Prior to working with Cask, Ginnie Mae didn’t know what their customers were asking them, or how often they asked [these questions], or who they ask them of, or how [customer issues were] being solved.”


Nancy Camarota, Principle Consultant at Cask

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