Adoption in the First 10 Days
Users Who Adopted the New Structure
Faster to Create a Ticket
Fewer Clicks Required to Create a Ticket

By leveraging best practices and working within the company’s unique business and technology environment, Executive Sponsors said the Cask project team was “the best team at [the company] by far.”

Global Financial Services Company

The Power of Connecting the Right People at the Right Time with the Right Message

A global financial services company sought to migrate from their old IT Service Management processes to new, standard best practice processes on the ServiceNow platform, while embarking on a Organization Change Management (OCM) plan to ensure rapid adoption.. The company wanted an experience that was simple, fast, and easy for employees to use, and Cask delivered.

Before implementation, the IT Help Desk was the lowest rated department within the organization. With 8,000 IT employees, 12,000 requestors and 4 departments spread across the globe, the plan was extensive; and would require replacing the company’s old IT system with a new, streamlined process. Transitioning from a complicated, confusing, and slow workflow to one that was agile and easy to use, would change the way the IT department was perceived.

The migration would change perceptions of the IT department and full integration change communications would ensure a smooth transition. Through in-depth working sessions with company stakeholders, Cask was able to determine the core challenges with the IT department and write new processes which would increase the positive perception of the department.

Stakeholders knew that OCM was the vehicle that would bring the organization to full ITSM realization, so Cask found unique opportunity for channels that would resonate with the audience, as well as new and innovative campaigns to bring awareness to the new system prior to go-live.

Messaging and graphic assets, including 11 major personas for communications, helped spread the news of the update to the rest of company, which ensured overall adoption success. The result was a global communications and awareness campaign based on geographic region and analyzed for cultural alignment, stakeholders, and impact to end users.

With locations in 100 countries, this was the largest organizational change management initiative in the history of ServiceNow.

“Cask designed all visual communications campaigns and created all training materials, including how to videos, job aids, fully integrated learning modules and presentations to get team members engaged with the process,” Stephanie Otto, Senior Director at Cask said.

Learning modules included updates to nine different processes, including incident management, major incident management, problem management, change management, release management, request fulfillment, configuration management, knowledge management, and service requests.

“All of the videos and the comprehensive training [we built] were incredibly well received,” Otto said. “What started off as very complicated, confusing, and slow [process] became an awesome experience that employees told us was simple, fast, and easy.

Within the first 12 days of the launch, 12,500 users had adopted the new structure, submitting 1,000 service requests and 5,000 incidents. Ticket creation in the new ITSM app was five times faster than it was previously because there were 66 percent fewer clicks required to create a ticket.

“All this was able to happen because the client realized and understood the importance of the people side of change,” Otto said.

Ongoing messaging, developed by Cask, touted the system’s 41 fewer steps to create a ticket, reinforcing and bolstering adoption rates.

All this was able to happen because the client realized and understood the importance of the people side of change.”

Stephanie Otto, Sr. Director, Cask

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