Decrease in Time & Effort to Onboard
Increase in Process Automation
Streamlining Engagement Globally

“What used to take me days to figure out, I can now get done in an hour.”

Hiring Manager, McAfee

McAfee is a global cybersecurity firm providing enterprise and consumer solutions that help businesses and individuals combat cybercrime. With more than 7,000 employees and global revenue topping $1.6 Billion, attracting and retaining talent was top of mind. However, disparate systems, along with HR and IT departments that did not communicate effectively, resulted in a complex and disjointed employee on-boarding process.

In just six short months, Cask was able to transform the entire employee experience at McAfee, implementing a personalized and proactive brand experience that seamlessly guides employees through on-boarding while setting them up for success.

The Journey to Transformation

To create a world-class, consumer-grade employee experience, McAfee would need to develop a strategy and process for transformation. Managers sought to implement a single system of engagement, provide a unified experience that would bring staff all together, and build a business case to align with stakeholders and staff.

First, Cask helped McAfee’s IT and HR departments harmonize the activities between them, then focused on ServiceNow implementation across the organization. The teams ultimately had to evaluate 140 activities to determine what was needed, when was it needed, and for whom.

Through a creative ServiceNow implementation, Cask provided a centralized management and orchestration system for McAfee that allows teams to facilitate updates without involving a team of ServiceNow Administrators, keeping the entire process in-house.

It was really great and very easy to use. I’ve had a lot of jobs and never experienced anything like this!

New Hire, McAfee

Achieving Success

The new employee service station is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Five systems have been combined into one easy to use interface for McAfee employees, managers, and HR teams. This effort resulted in an 80 percent decrease in time and effort to onboard new employees.

For new hires, expectations are clearly outlined while promoting company culture through consistent messaging throughout the on-boarding process, resulting in an engaged workforce from the start. What was previously a manual and time-consuming effort has now been automated to reduce the strain on internal departments.

The creative ServiceNow implementation built by Cask delivers an immersive, proactive experience that is easy to use for employees and managers. The system encourages interaction, participation, and engagement from all users. Managers report a 95 percent increase in process automation since implementation, and a positive impact on company culture.

Through automating and consolidating activities, the Cask team was able to modernize the on-boarding process while building brand equity and embedding the culture of the company across every touchpoint and interaction.

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