Unlocking the Mysteries of CMDB: Part 2 – Stages of Maturity

Unlocking the Mysteries of CMDB: Part 2 – Stages of Maturity

Once you’ve got the physical part of the equation set up, perhaps the most challenging part of the process is what happens next.

A stable CMDB (configuration management database) consists of accurate and complete data that supports the capability needs of your organization using the ServiceNow platform.

An operationally mature CMDB is built on a solid foundation of data, processes, and governance. Define the steps in the maturation process to help you build a strong, lasting CMDB foundation. You’ll want to view your progress and know which steps to take in the right order.

CMDB maturity crawl, walk, run and eventually, drive! Hang on, here we go.

CMDB Maturation Process


  • Control and management process strategy and planning
  • Control and management processes
  • CIs (Configuration Item) to support core processes


  • Inventory lifecycle management
  • Manual service mapping


  • Automated Discovery
  •  IT Asset Management & Software Asset Management


  • Event management
  • Automated service mapping

Don’t forget process and governance issues. 

You made it to through part 2! Next we dive into Part 3 – Building a Healthy CMDB.

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