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We really wanted to understand the nuances of our workforce and build for the future.”

Kimberley Rose, Vertex

“Supporting employees, and the moments that matter, is important to us. That was our call to action, to do something here; so, we partnered with Cask. This has been game changing for us, nurturing with serial innovation.”

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a global biotechnology company focused on transformative medicine for life threatening diseases.

With about 3,400 employees, the Boston, Mass.-based businesses struggled with employee retention and transparency for Career Growth and Development.

Prior to working with Cask, 50 percent of employees that voluntarily left Vertex reported they would have stayed if they felt they had access to a clear career path. Additionally, 36 percent of employees did not think that they had opportunities to grow their careers at the company.

At Vertex, they realize all employees play a critical role in bringing transformative medicines to people with serious diseases. As they continue to grow and evolve, it’s important to invest in professional growth and development in pursuit of each individual’s career aspirations.

This was the birth of Career Hub, the single place for employees to clearly identify career and growth opportunities across the company, while giving managers the ability to support employee development. Executives wanted to provide access to the resources employees need to support that growth and enhance the business’s external reputation to attract new employees with career growth opportunities, all while reducing turnover and increasing retention.

To do this, Vertex partnered with Cask to create a consumer-grade experience for Career Hub that would “make Vertex a place where people come and stay to grow their careers … by providing the space and encouragement for all Vertexians to learn, try new things, and develop themselves professionally through their managers, job experiences, learning resources, and advancement opportunities.”

Initial Implementation

Through Vertex Career Hub, business leaders are now empowering employees to take control of their careers through a completely personalized experience. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning showcases relevant job opportunities, career paths, and competency models, based on the individual employee.

Cask and Vertex collaborated to automate manual processes, digitize services, and create an experience that put the end user in the forefront.

Vertex Career Hub, built on the ServiceNow platform, includes functional competency models for employee education, leadership guides for building out careers, a dynamic resource center, access to HR resources, and employee or manager assessments. Employees now have a clearly defined career path, with areas for opportunity and outside evaluation in a central location. Managers can view knowledge gaps for employees and assign development tasks so that employees know exactly what they need to do to reach the next step in their future with the company.

Through a Workday integration, users can update their skills directly in the portal, and a skills matrix – built from Vertex’s career architecture – matches users to relevant openings and identifies areas for improvement.

Through our partnership, we have been able to demystify job matching and crystalize a stellar employee experience. For the first time, we are hearing incredible feedback on how it is clear for employees to plan, explore, and develop their career.”

Kimberley Rose, Vertex

Career Hub

A leadership guide for building out careers is included in the platform, which allows employees to schedule discussions and update their skills for precise job matching within the organization. Resources for Career Pathing inside the Hub, including knowledge articles and classes for career growth and development are also easily accessed and served based on the employee’s history and position within the organization.

“For the first time in the history of Vertex, people are not leaving because they don’t know about their job [future],” the client said.

Indeed, employee retention rates have continued to rise at Vertex following successful implementation of Career Hub. The company has recently asked Cask to take the human-centered design focus and experience and put that into a larger platform.

“The beautiful thing about what we did at Vertex, is now, because we’ve shown them what it truly means to put the users in the center of this experience, it has opened the eyes of everybody across their entire organization to realize what ServiceNow can do for [other areas of the business],” Otto said.

Managers can use these tools now to develop planning, manage expectations, and disclose promotional guidelines. As an organization, we need to know what are our open roles, who in the organization matches them, and where there are skill gaps. This has been the “wow factor” in setting us apart.”

Kimberley Rose, Vertex

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