How ServiceNow helps users better understand their Security Operations

By leveraging ServiceNow, we are finding that many of our customers are gaining insights into their Security Operations that they have never had before.

Think of the platform as you would radar detection. Instead of being forced to react to threats by shooting into the dark, ServiceNow’s suite of tools clearly illustrates your vulnerability landscape—pinpointing problem areas which you can then better allocate time and resources to covering. Below, we’ll go into just a few of the tricks it has up its software-sleeve.

Security threats don’t happen in a vacuum. When one occurs, you likely have more than a handful of other tasks to attend to. So how do you do just that while keeping your full attention on mitigating the security threat? You use automated processes within ServiceNow to help you. The Security Incident Response application tracks threats from discovery to completion – effectively allowing you to be in multiple places at once. For the newcomer to Security Operations, it can be a helpful framework for thorough threat management.

The National Vulnerability Database keeps tabs on all access points malware might try to exploit – anything from weaknesses in software to operating system updates. The ServiceNow Vulnerability Response application keeps tabs on the NVD, aiding you in tracking, prioritizing and resolving any threats it may find.

This is ServiceNow’s answer to the saying, “know your enemy.” The Threat Intelligence application – with its included Security Case Management feature – enables you to get a better picture of the threats your organization faces, thereby better preparing you to take on whatever comes at you next.

ServiceNow is the rare product that acts as both a security guard and a teacher. Many of our clients come to Cask with a beginner-level Security Operations understanding and, after spending some time getting to know the platform, see significant growth in competency. It makes being a safer organization much easier. That’s quite the value proposition if you ask us.

Cask has an excellent track record implementing the ServiceNow Security Operations suite of applications in a variety of organizations across multiple disciplines. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.