What Does the Connected Experience in Workplaces Look Like?

What Does the Connected Experience in Workplaces Look Like?

The new workplace is hybrid. With an increase in available technologies, employees are no longer tethered to a desk or office to get their jobs done. Yet, with flexibility comes responsibility, and companies offering a true connected experience in workplaces benefit from more engaged employees, better team performance, and higher rates of growth overall. In fact, hybrid models are used by 63% of high growth companies today.

In an era defined by navigating Covid and an increased focus on employee retention and satisfaction, businesses without a clearly defined connected workplace strategy run the risk of frustrated employees. Whether they’re forced into a model that doesn’t work for them, or they don’t have the tools at their disposal to collaborate with team members, employees’ needs and expectations of hybrid work programs are more important now than ever before. Creating that connected experience in workplaces is an important, differentiating factor that directly impacts employee satisfaction.

Additionally, if employers are not intentional about how they use and deploy technologies, they could end up wasting their investment on something that doesn’t meet their needs. Taking the time to develop a clear roadmap and strategy for a connected experience in workplaces, while also focusing on infrastructure and employee adoption, will actually save you time overall, improve your employee retention and satisfaction rates, and even bolster your ability to recruit talent.

What is the Connected Experience in Workplaces?

A connected experience allows employees to connect at all levels – from their team, their broader community, and their organization as a whole. Connection can mean that an employee is up to speed on what the organization’s doing, what they’re prioritizing, what they care about, and how it’s impacting the employee; but, it can also represent a physical connection to a workplace.

When the physical work space has the necessary technology available in a space that makes an employee feel connected, they know what to expect on “in-office” days. Some examples of that are:

  • Allowing employees to schedule the time that they want to come in
  • Being virtually connected to their team calendar, so that they can schedule time with colleagues who will be on-site at the same time
  • If they need extra monitors, a white board, or separate meeting space, a virtual reservation system that can be accessed at this time also makes the employee feel a sense of ownership in the company and what they do there

The connected experience in the workplace allows businesses and employees to take a more proactive approach to their jobs.

3 Steps You can take towards the Connected Experience

Often, the largest barrier to entry is that businesses simply don’t have the infrastructure set up to be able to gauge the demand and the needs of their workforce, but simple steps can deliver high ROI when it comes to building out the connected experience in workplaces.

  1. Choose the Right Partner. Engage with a partner, like Cask, as they have the expertise to help these organizations understand where their workplace is today. A realistic understanding of the infrastructure and employee needs will help to identify the gaps that a partner can fill through Workplace Service Delivery (WSD). WSD allows you to floor map your facility and begin prioritizing locations that may lend themselves to a reservation system through the connected workplace.
  2. Practice Digital Mobility. To make the most out of a connected workplace, reserving a space should be simple, intuitive, and not require tons of training. Having the right data is key; it allows the organization to manage their resources and their costs more effectively. By utilizing ServiceNow, it allows companies to leverage actionable and intelligent data on the Now platform.
  3. Develop an Education Campaign. Employee adoption is the number one cause of a platform or tool’s success. User adoption is critical to any kind of change and an education campaign increases employee understanding of the tools that are available to them. When the workforce is empowered and enjoys using new tools, the investment is protected. Employee adoption is the number one cause of a platform or tool’s success.

Connected Experience Increases Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

The connected experience in workplaces also impacts employee engagement and satisfaction, which increases overall productivity. Cask works with you to define a connected experience strategy, utilize tools to build engagement and productivity, and find greater business outcomes and ROI. Our team has been in your shoes, we understand what your challenges are, we understand what’s important to you. We have the technical expertise, and the progressive know-how to leverage this state of the art application and platform to meet today’s business needs. As a ServiceNow elite partner, we are able to provide the most up-to-date releases, as soon as they are made available. We take our time and strive to understand your business wants and needs, and tailor our delivery to the most pertinent pain points. Together, we will work through each step in the implementation process to ensure successful adoption, so you can get back to business, and keep employees engaged.

Only about 15% of companies are attracting and retaining candidates well. Those that are thriving focus on employee experience, a ‘healthy organization,’ and an ever-increasingly focus on mission, purpose, brand, and employee growth.” – Bersin

With Cask on your side, a connected experience in workplaces is easier than ever to achieve. Let our team show you how to improve employee satisfaction and retention in this increasingly challenging time for work. Learn more in our webinar, The Connected Workplace: Accelerate Your Hybrid Employee Experience.

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