What Is Digital Transformation, Anyway?

What Is Digital Transformation, Anyway?

6 Key Ingredients for Transformational Success

Before diving into a topic as wide and deep as “digital transformation,” it’s helpful to define our terms.

With that in mind, we turned to some of the more informed people on the subject to compare and contrast perspectives and find out what makes for successful transformation. What follows are selected insights on digital transformation from the people who grapple with it daily.

Dale Landowski, Principal for ITxM solutions with Cask, answers the question by looking past the technology to address the How: “Successful digital transformation requires a transformational approach.”

As Dale points out, the key takeaway is that digital transformation is, in fact, transformative. Focusing on the tools or the cloud alone is not enough to succeed.

To tech research firm Gartner, Inc., digital business transformation is the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new digital business model.

Infoworld executive editor Galen Gruman concurs, pointing out that digital transformation is more than digital products and services. It’s also about the processes that create, enable, manage, and deliver them.

“Savvy CIOs will tell you,” notes Clint Boulton of CIO, “‘Digital transformation doesn’t come in a box—or a cloud.’” #DigitalTransformation #CaskNX Click To Tweet

Why Transformation Matters

Regardless of your industry, your organization needs to transform to survive in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

As technology marches on, your organization must stay competitive to ensure it won’t fall behind. The answer is through digital strategies that evolve to better serve customers.

Digital transformation accelerates all of your business activities, processes, and capabilities. Customers today (both internal and external) expect a seamless user experience and digital technology is increasingly driving those experiences and expectations.

The 6 Key Ingredients for Successful Transformation

The reason so many efforts fail to gain traction is that some of the key ingredients listed below were missing or insufficiently developed. The first is among the most crucial: A compelling story about the need to transform, and how your organization will achieve it.  

1.    A Clear Vision with defined outcomes, including:

  •      A message that resonates with key constituents
  •      An actionable roadmap aligned with business goals

2.     A Solid Foundation upon which to build:

  •      Operationally mature CMDB (data, processes, governance)
  •      Mature platform management and governance

3.    A Transformational Program and Approach:

  •      Go beyond implementing technology to include interdependent workflows (people, process, technology)

4.   Validation of your vision:

  •      A vision is more than a statement—it takes a strategic approach to ensure alignment with all stakeholders and constituents

5. Organizational Priorities:

  •      Set clear priorities to build consensus on your investment strategy and the way forward

6. An Action Plan:

  •      Establish a transformational program and approach
  •      Harmonize interdependent work streams
  •      Establish metrics to measure and manage success


Regardless of your industry, your organization needs to transform to survive in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.


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