You’re Walking to a Mature
Software Asset Management

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What it Means to be Walking to a Mature SAM

  • Compliance position for Tier 1 and Tier 2 publishers
  • Established processes for requisitions, sourcing, deployment, and retirement of assets
  • Formal Request process/portal
  • Costs savings opportunities via reclamation and contract renewals

How to Start Running to a Mature SAM

  • Enable compliance position for SaaS
  • Enhance request and portal process and workflows
  • Enable cross functional/strategic decisions

Next Phases of the SAM Maturity Model

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What it Means to be Running to a Mature SAM

  • Compliance position for most licensable software
  • Leveraging asset data for cross functional/strategic decisions such as forecasting, renewals, application portfolio management, etc.
  • High level of automation throughout entire lifecycle

How to Start Flying to a Mature SAM

  • Develop an APM strategy
  • Develop a Security/GRC strategy

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