Security Incident Response With ServiceNow

How would your company respond to a massive attack on your security capabilities?

Without a full-scale security infrastructure in place or too much reliance on manual processes for protection, your system can be brought down by targeted campaigns or bad actors. It takes a proper end-to-end solution to effectively manage incidents. The ServiceNow Security Incident Response application helps you avoid worst-case scenarios by quickly responding to and managing such threats.

Scenario #1: Unexpected Penetration of Company Systems

Imagine: a hacker cracks your system, thanks to bad code in a third-party application used by employees.

The company remains unaware, until calls from customers and local law enforcement suddenly begin.

Your business has no idea how to manage the incident or evaluate the impact because there’s no plan for such events.

Instead, Cask ensured your ServiceNow Security Incident Response implementation follows a proper flow from threat identification to resolution.

Manage your breach incident and evaluate its impacts

Scenario #2: Slow Response to Security Incidents

It can take two to six months for a company to realize it’s been attacked.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t have a flow-management process ready to get the right personnel in place to manage an incident. With Cask, you’re prepared.

Comprehensive Triage Response

With the ServiceNow Security Incident Response application, Cask puts you in a better position to manage incidents. Our artisan engineers show you how to create groups related to specific events, assign designated users to each group, and set up rules to update each incident with identifying factors.

Be proactive with possible cyber attacks

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Scenario #3: No Centralized Incident Management

Once your security professionals work a security breach, information gleaned from the process must be logged for future reference.

The fact is, you can’t respond effectively or efficiently to new threats without a resource like the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). What’s more, it’s tough to learn from previous similar incidents without it.

Better Incident Tracking

With the ServiceNow Security Incident Response, you can add and log new security incidents to your CMDB instance. Security incidents can be created through several portals:

  • Security instance form
  • Internal events
  • External monitoring of vulnerable systems through alert rules
  • Service catalog
Individualized Views

Choose different views for your security incident forms based on the area using them.

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Problems
  • Changes
  • Tasks within CI groups

Log your security breaches for the future

Scenario #4: Lack of Coordination Between IT and Security

The rush to handle a security breach can lead to confusion and conflict without coordination between IT and security personnel.

When the security department doesn’t know about potential vulnerabilities brought by installing new software, they can’t create a plan to handling possible issues.

Facilitating Better Communication

Cask bridges the gap by showing each department how to convey relevant information on system processes and potential risks. We make the CMBD the central repository for knowledge gained from handling security incidents, which can then be used to educate employees and prevent exposure to breaches.

Stop confusion with proper coordination

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