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Asset Management

Automate asset lifecycle management from acquire-to-retire for real-time asset visibility, increased asset performance, decreased cost, and a safer work environment.

Asset Management is the end-to-end management of your physical and digital resources. Cask can help you track and manage your assets throughout the asset lifecycle including increasing asset performance, ensuring asset availability through predictive and preventative maintenance, real-time asset analytics, IoT/IIoT connectivity and monitoring, machine learning, and ensuring compliance and safety.

Facilities Assets

Streamline lifecycle management for your facilities assets. Automate asset operations to deliver preventative maintenance, remote monitoring, real-time analytics and tracking, and more.

IT Asset Management

Cask makes it possible to increase service while maintaining compliance, minimizing risk, and reducing expenses.

Fixed & Capital Asset Maintenance

Optimize your fixed and capital assets to decrease unplanned downtime, prevent equity failures, and ensure compliance and regulatory requirements.

Mobile & Fleet Asset Management

Locate, track, and manage your fleet and mobile assets. Verify usage, save on maintenance costs, reduce fuel costs, and ensure asset availability.

Property & Inventory Management

Maintain and manage the acquisition, reconciliation, physical inventory, utilization, and disposal of equipment and property.

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