ServiceNow Vendor Management Platform

Easily track and evaluate vendors and identify those delivering the best service through a central platform your staff can access any time, on any device.

Large enterprises rely on third-party vendors to achieve better business outcomes. But most businesses lack a formal process to guide them in managing third-party vendors. Successful vendor performance management depends on real-time information and a two-way communication process between vendor and purchaser.

Actively Manage Third-Party Vendors

Enhance your ServiceNow application to measure and improve vendor performance to help drive better operations and increase profits.

Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure communication time lags, delivery lead times, price changes, payment terms, breakages, and other relevant factors among your suppliers.

ServiceNow supplier management solutions provide a clear, quantitative view of each vendor’s performance, and how each one enhances your business and improves sales.

You’ll be able to analyze your vendors in powerful new ways:

  • Score and rank vendors depending on their ability to comply with regulations, maintain product reliability, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Review vendor scorecards and gather feedback based on your personalized, business-specific metrics.
  • Make informed decisions based on vendor performance assessments.

Regular measurement and reporting of KPIs will help you to address repeat performance issues as well as chronic underperformance, which also helps enhance relationships with vendors.

Help drive better operations

Achieve Greater Supplier Performance

Build better relationships between vendors, incidents, and service-level agreements. By consistently measuring and analyzing vendor performance, you can increase end-user satisfaction and gain insights into how each supplier benefits your enterprise.

Our engineers can configure the ServiceNow vendor management system to incorporate your vendor tickets into the incident management lifecycle. Our platform contains ratings for all third-party vendors and automates manual tasks so you can increase the vendors you manage more easily. The platform consolidates vendor and asset models to match your business needs.

The data you receive from tracking vendor performance will help you address minor issues before they turn into significant problems. You’ll also be able to identify areas that require improvement. Cask solutions help you optimize both vendor and business performance.

Analyze vendor performance

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Improve Cost Controls for Your Suppliers

Design and implement solutions aligned with the specific needs of your organization. After investing in the platform, you’ll need to ensure that you maximize ROI while delivering a solution that’s both on time and within budget.

The Cask ServiceNow supplier management application delivers absolute visibility into your vendors along with their assets and purchase agreements.

Our sophisticated web-based solution provides a comprehensive view of each vendor’s contracts, rates, terms, conditions, and services. From a single platform, you can collect and summarize financial transactions and classify them to spotlight key suppliers.

We’ve got a proven track record of helping ServiceNow users to quickly implement our innovative solutions. Let us help you better manage your vendors.

Ensure that you maximize ROI

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