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Customer Service Management Offerings

Deliver excellent experiences every time with these “Built with NOW” offerings from Cask.

Cask's Strategic Goals

Government Solution Center

Outdated systems and processes can become a roadblock quickly. Ensure your customer experience is designed for both residents and government employees with this tailored solution.

Connected Claims Management

Legacy systems don’t support the experiences your customers expect. With Connected Claims Management, you can automate the claims process to make customers’ lives as easy as possible when they need it most.


Hi. We’re Cask.

Our team of certified architects, engineers, and business experts have decades of experience streamlining the customer experience process, enabling you to offer exceptional support.

Create Customer Workflows That Empower Excellence

Access Customer Operations Experts

Our practice consultants are domain experts and have the deep expertise and knowledge needed to create exceptional employee and customer experiences through great support.

Collaborate with Experts to Improve Adoption and Satisfaction

Lean on experts for greater product implementation and workflows. A collaborative, agent-informed design ensures widespread adoption and satisfaction across your entire organization. .

Power Business Transformation with People, Processes, and Technology

We know what works best. With decades of experience helping organizations achieve their customer experience vision, we have nailed down the best method for transformation.

Organizations using comprehensive CSM have seen transformative benefits:

Reduction in Response Time
Increase in Business Generated from Existing Clients
CWF Delivery Team Growth

Organizations Like Yours Are Delivering Exceptional Experiences with Cask CSM

“Great communication…super easy to work with…(Agent Led Design) made a big difference…ALL AROUND a good project”

–Colorado Judicial Department


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Establish customer experiences that are sure to keep your clients coming back for more support. Our CSM offering empowers you to maximize your ServiceNow investment while exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Gain and retain customers with comprehensive customer service that elevates experiences and drives growth.