Improved Customer Experience

Transforming the entire approach to customer service with smart case management is a big step for enterprise businesses.

That’s why Cask’s seasoned business and technology team goes beyond implementation specialists to include consultants and designers who are solely focused on creating and supporting your custom solutions as your business continues to mature. Enabling CSM professionals to take advantage of new technology and expectations in customer service case management is what we’re here to do. Engage your partners at Cask to customize your end-to-end case management workflow, innovate on case management with purpose-built solutions, connect the entire enterprise, and receive our guarantee to only pay for the services you need—none you don’t.

Customize End-to-End Case Management

In the age of hyper-competition, you may not get many chances to keep a customer.


Customer service case management software empowers customer service agents to be more effective by enabling them to collect and organize customer interactions into a single dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of the customer’s current request as well as their history with your organization.

Partner with Cask to start building out your advanced ServiceNow customer service case management application today. Get a 360-degree of customers and cases, establish clear roles and responsibilities, get deeper visibility for asset management, and take an overall more proactive approach to case management.

Answer customer questions the first time

Innovate on Case Management

Enhance or transform your customer service case management process with purpose-built solutions from Cask, such as:

Case Management Design

With enhanced data integration capabilities, your customer service team will have the visibility they need to make informed decisions while handling cases.

Customer Service Case Metrics

Cask’s platform helps you define the scope and impact of your customer service case management processes. We help you establish metrics to measure the success of your initiatives and identify trends.

Customer Service Management

We help customer service teams improve their project outcomes. Cask is well versed in enhancing ServiceNow’s capabilities to increase the accuracy and speed of case resolutions.

Higher customer engagement

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Connect the Enterprise

By connecting the dots between customer service, IT, facilities, operation, and other key parties; effective customer service case management can enable collaboration that’s truly transformational.

A ServiceNow CSM implementation has the power to transform your customer service organization through connectivity. If you find it your firm overrun with different specialty customer service management systems, you’re not alone. Cask has helped plenty of companies move their customer service functions to the cloud where they can be integrated into a streamlined human capital management approach that connects the entire enterprise.

Proactively identify issues & automate assigning cases

Case Management Design and Implementation

Cask offers as-needed (and award-winning) technology and business consultants who will guide you in designing, creating, and implementing case management in a predictable manner and at a fixed cost.

You only pay for the services you need, right when you need them.

As a ServiceNow gold partner that’s fluent in customer service, Cask is perfectly positioned to help you implement ServiceNow CSM tools to support your organization’s needs. Our minimalist approach is designed to get you the tools you need for an effective yet efficient implementation that will position your company for success and maturation in the future.

Only pay for services you need, when you need them.

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