Optimizing and Improving Customer Service for Increased Revenue

Today, customer support providers are struggling under the weight of more service request than ever coming from a growing variety of disparate engagement channels.

If you’re plagued by high open case rates, low customer satisfaction scores, and issues with retention; it’s time to partner with an expert to optimize and transform the way you manage and deliver customer service. Partner with Cask to effectively engage on any and every customer communication channel, unite customer knowledge to provide consistent case management, personalize customer engagements no matter your scale, and overall optimize your customer service center.

Optimize Customer Support Channels

Today, being highly responsive to customers on multiple channels is table stakes for enterprise organizations.

If you’re still forcing your customers to use disconnected systems to contact your customer service team; you’re leaving time, money, and opportunities to create brand evangelists on the table.

Partner with Cask to optimize your customer support workflow. We’ll consult with your team to implement a cutting-edge ServiceNow customer service management instance that aligns with your specific needs. Your customer support team will be empowered to leverage organizational knowledge and solve complex issues across web, phone, chat, text, social media, and other channels with a full view of the context of each query.

Omnichannel engagement retains customers

Provide a Consistent Case Management Experience

Three-quarters of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they choose to engage with an organization—whether that’s via social media, phone, in person, or a combination of all of the above.

As gold-level ServiceNow implementation specialists, the Cask team can upgrade you to a case management process that uses cutting-edge machine learning to streamline categorizing and prioritizing issues on behalf of the customer and speeds up case assignment by automatically directing cases to the right agent based on the context of the request and each agent’s skills, location, and availability.

Make sure interactions with your customers are resolved every time with Cask.

The right team, with the right resolution

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Eliminate Barriers Between Customer Service and Everyone Else

Even businesses that know customer service should be integrated across their organization to provide systematic support don’t always have the technical capability to make it happen.

That’s why, at Cask, we bring together consultants with years of customer service management experience and technical expertise to deliver an all-new approach to customer service management.

Partner with Cask and take advantage of your own customized ServiceNow solution to quickly and accurately categorize customer service requests; route them directly to engineering, legal, operations, or whatever other department is best suited to resolve the request.

Customer support can’t be an afterthought

Personalize Customer Engagements at Scale

Nearly 80 percent of consumers report that they have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that personalized their service.

If a business fails to take advantage of this opportunity to provide a personalized experience, the digitally-savvy customers can easily seek out a competitor that will.

At Cask, we partner with ServiceNow to deliver functionality that empowers customer service agents to tailor messaging for specific personas, customers, and users.

By uniting all of this information in one easy-to-access portal, ServiceNow empowers customer service teams to provide personalized engagement and take educated steps to quickly resolve requests.

One chance to engage with customers

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