Using End-to-End Processes to Improve Customer Service

Think about a business you choose to work with all the time.

Is it really always about the product or service—or is your choice also influenced by the customer service experience? The best brands on the planet know that customer service sells. And so do we. At Cask, this awareness is what elevates us from good to award-winning, results-oriented business and technology consultancy. Our focus is on building business design processes that empower customer service agents to be more effective and efficient while tying everything together to create an end-to-end customer experience that flawlessly represents your brand.

Roll Out the Proverbial Red Carpet

For those VIP customers who have chosen to invest heavily in your products and services, one of the best ways to deepen their commitment is to provide personalized, white-glove customer service.

At Cask, we partner with ServiceNow to implement a customer service portal that empowers agents to view accounts, contacts, entitlements, contracts, and VIP status so that they can prioritize, assign, and monitor complaints and requests accordingly. Channeling every piece of customer information into one streamlined dashboard further enables customer service representatives to deliver personalized customer service messaging that’s on par with their VIP status.

Invested customers get white-glove service

Study and Meet Customer Expectations

When a customer is moved to make a purchase, they automatically assign a certain set of expectations to that item.

It’s your job as a business to understand and deliver customer service that delivers on those expectations. Doing so can build your arsenal of repeat shoppers and life-long brand ambassadors. However, fail to deliver on that experience and you’ll likely risk more than just the ire of one disappointed consumer.
Partner with Cask and see what strong end-to-end customer service can do for your brand’s perception and retention.

Deliver on customer expectations

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Be Real. Be Transparent.

Gaining a reputation for being trustworthy and transparent is often as simple as keeping consumers informed as their issue moves through each stage of the customer service cycle.

Even if the resolution isn’t ideal or it turns out that it’s going take longer than expected, it’s always better to manage and then meet customer expectations than it is to let them run with the worst case scenario.

At Cask, our years of consulting have taught us that nothing builds brand equity like trust. Our team of consultants is standing by to help you in your transparency transformation and to support your organizational change and adoption efforts all along the way.

Keeping consumers informed

Use Customer Data Effectively

Customer service case logs are full of valuable information about returns, bugs, use cases, complaints, praises, and plenty of other information.

And artificial intelligence is the best way to extract value from that data. ServiceNow’s CSM agent portal uses machine learning to automatically prioritize, assign, and even create new customer service cases. On the consumer side, ServiceNow surfaces relevant recommendations and content based on that user’s activity.

At Cask, our team of business consultants and technologists have been implementing solutions since the internet came online. Tap into our expertise to install your very own ServiceNow CSM instance today and start cashing in on all that customer service data.

Use customer data to its full potential

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