Customer Service Knowledge Management

Maintaining basic customer service knowledge and functionality in the age of around-the-clock consumerism is a full-time job in itself.

Where does that leave the customer support agent whose actual job is providing real-time assistance and informing overall business strategy? Overworked and often unhappy. However, ServiceNow’s customer service knowledge management platform changes all that by empowering customers to access relevant information, anytime, thanks to smart automation, machine learning, and contextual search functionality. Customers get what the want, when they want it and agents get to get back to more fulfilling work.

Help Customers Help Themselves

When it comes to customer service knowledge management, Cask’s goal is to maximize an organization’s ability to offer self-service support as a primary method of interaction with its customers.

While real-time contact is certainly still welcome, allowing customers to access relevant and accurate customer service knowledge satiates their desire for convenience, autonomy, and timeliness. With a self-serve knowledge management system, customers get to enjoy quick resolution and your customer service team gets to devote more time to complex service requests.

Partner with Cask to create an easy-to-use ServiceNow customer service knowledge portal that empowers busy customers to extract tons of value throughout their lifecycle.

Offer self-service support with your customers

Consolidate Your Customer Service Knowledge

Knocking down customer service knowledge silos isn’t only valuable for the customer support team—it’s useful for customers, themselves.

Over 70 percent of customers want to solve simple issues on their own. With a single, transparent, and consistent customer service portal they can do just that by finding their own resolutions without spending any time or effort getting an agent involved.

If you’re interested in consolidating and making your customer service information more useful for agents and consumers alike, Cask’s team of gold-level ServiceNow specialists are on tap to provide results-focused consultation services and implement solutions to make the most of your customer service knowledge.

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Localize and Internationalize

Contextual relevance is vitally important when it comes to customer service content and resolutions.

Unfortunately, this can prove to be especially difficult for enterprise organizations that operate on a global scale where different knowledge users speak different languages and adhere to vastly different cultural norms.

With a smart ServiceNow implementation from Cask, technology can help automate parts of the localization and internationalization process. This enhances customer service agent productivity and streamlines the preparation and delivery of information that is accurate, helpful, and tailored to align with different languages, dates, currencies, policies, and other location-dependent elements.

Contextual relevance is vitally important

Implement ServiceNow AI

Technology is enabling customer service departments to complete more work in less time by taking on repetitive tasks so the humans can get back to developing thoughtful resolutions for complex issues.

With a custom ServiceNow implementation from Cask’s team of specialists, you can take advantage of Virtual Agent, a conversational chatbot platform that assists customers and agents alike in accessing information and answering questions. Artificial intelligence will also continue to make customer service knowledge portals more and more personalized.

At Cask, our team of artisan engineers is dedicated to transforming the way people and organizations work with ServiceNow’s AI-powered chatbot, smart automation features, and more.

More work, less time with AI and machine learning

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