Improve Your Customer Service Portal

Customers expect quick answers to questions about products, prices, policies, and plenty more.

The larger your customer base grows, the more questions, requests, and complaints roll in and the more time your agents spend responding to repetitive requests and completing menial tasks. Instead of growing your headcount, grow your customer service capabilities. Cask’s team of award-winning designers, strategists, and consultants with deep domain expertise can help you implement a smart, scalable customer service management portal that empowers customers to serve themselves information when and where they need it so your support team can get back to resolving more complex issues.

Design a Customer Service Portal

At Cask, customer service portal design thinking all starts with the end user in mind.

First, our team of operational planners, dedicated developers, and award-winning designers gather a deep understanding of your customers so that we can create results-oriented solutions that work and look great. Next, we apply decades of gold-level ServiceNow expertise to implement a cutting-edge customer service portal that empowers customers to engage with chatbots, connect with other customers, search for answers to commonly-asked questions, and otherwise serve themselves the kind of support content they need—right when they need it.

Empower customers to connect on their terms

Create Customer Engagement

Complete with a team of Emmy Award-winning designers, Cask approaches each project with a design thinking mindset and a focus on driving digital transformation that will ensure your success now and in the future.

At Cask, every customer service portal design project begins with a deep dive into the habits, desires, and goals of your audience. This enables us to develop a strong foundation upon with every element of the customer service portal is built. The informed and innovative design that results ensures that your customers love engaging with the support portal so your agents can focus on resolving complex requests.

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Establish a Trustworthy Customer Service Portal

Establishing your customer service portal as a trustworthy source of knowledge and solutions will make it an invaluable resource for consumers who are practically drowning in data and access to information these days.

Your customer service portal should be the first place people think to visit when they need a resolution or simply want more information. Because when a customer chooses to use your customer service portal instead of one of the many other communication channels, it’s much easier for you to take advantage of all kinds of advanced features to help categorize, prioritize, assign, track, and of course resolve the request in record time.

Be an invaluable resource for consumers

Portal Personalization

Customers want to believe that the organizations they partner with value them personally as much as they value their business.

A customer service portal is a great space for support agents to organize customer data in a way that enables them to deliver on personalization.

Using a customer service portal, support agents can collect information about who a consumer is, the products and/or services they’re using, items they’re interested in, and requests or issues they may have had in the past. ServiceNow’s cutting-edge customer service portal takes personalization a step further by displaying content and recommendations tailored to a customer’s interests and latest activity—keeping them engaged with your portal.

Value customers as much as you do your business

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