Maximize ServiceNow’s Audit Management Platform

The Audit ManagementThis moduleplatform allows you to automate the workstreams of internal audit teams, optimize resource usage, enhance productivity, and eliminate persistent audit findings. The tool uses data from risk and compliance to scope, plan, and prioritize audit engagements.

ServiceNow platform benefits: Address problems before they show up as failures in your audits. Extend asset management into areas like financials and software. Integrate sections for a high-level view of audit and asset management. ServiceNow offers a variety of options for conducting thorough audits and tracking all assets, providing the complete picture needed to ensure alignment with business goals.

Obtain the Full Scope of Your Company’s Assets

Keeping an accurate list of company assets is no picnic. One missed item could lead to an audit gap, causing you to miss indicators of a potential failure in a core asset.

Cask helps handle the legwork required for a full inventory of what you own or with whom you interact. Once we know what you have, we set up Profiles for each asset. Profiles aren’t just for hardware. We also build profiles for vendors, contracts, software—anything requiring an audit at some point.

With Service Mapping, you always have current records about an asset, its function, and other essential data. You can then build out a go-to resource to find information on an item (e.g.,  contract expiration date, whether there’s a warranty, type of maintenance schedule necessary).


Those in designated roles can get a full view of all assets and audit results using the Audit Engagement portal.

Pull information reports on a variety of topics:
  • Engagement Results
  • Profiles by Engagement
  • Controls by Engagement
  • Profiles
  • Select Engagements
  • Satisfactory Engagements
  • Adequate Engagements
  • Inadequate Engagements
  • Control Test Results
  • Issue Breakdown
  • Audit Task Breakdown
  • Overdue Audit Tasks

Set up Profiles for each asset

Financial Asset Management

Take a CRM-like approach to tracking your financial assets.

ServiceNow can show you how assets are used, along with all associated costs, to ensure investments align with business goals and adjustments can be made.

Increase visibility into your financial position by creating rules around a controlled, repeatable model. Model-mapping can be adjusted to existing services so your financial team can see how money is being spent and determine where changes may be needed.

Map financial insights to business services, aligning them with current business profiles. Cask artisan engineers show you how the module can work consistently for you, increasing the data available for financial planning and analysis. Track all your contracts, warranties, and financials related to assets, plus depreciation and associated costs.

ServiceNow automation capabilities let you eliminate huge spreadsheets and expensive specialty solutions. Centralize your budget planning and provide transparency by leveraging the same system you use to manage CMBD, project management, asset lifecycles, and project management. You’ll discover where your money is going and find better ways to adjust costs.

Align investments with business goals

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Software Asset Management

Business software can account for as much as 20 percent of your IT budget.

Visibility into your assets gets tricky with dynamic environments and complex licensing requirements. Then there are the legacy tools that get creakier with age, creating an old-fashioned, inefficient patchwork of IT tech.

The Software Asset Management module helps your organization take control of managing, procuring and optimizing software. With it, you can maximize your ServiceNow investment, cut down on software spending, and mitigate risks associated with licenses.

Additional Capabilities
  • Create an accurate system of record for your IT infrastructure (on your premises and in the cloud)
  • Automate processes associated with importing procurement data
  • Build a centralized view of your normalization rates
  • Run automatic calculations on compliance
  • View customized analytics
  • Manage all remediation efforts
  • Track deployments, updates, and patches
  • Keep track of current authorized software users

Manage, procure and optimize software

End to End Life Cycle Management

Every asset in your inventory will inevitably reach the end of its usefulness.

The problem is when you don’t adequately track dates for each item. With ServiceNow, businesses can create automated workflows to help maintain a centralized repository of all assets. You’re able to track assets from the date of purchase to retirement, while allowing time to plan and budget for replacements to avoid unexpected expenses from unanticipated failure in a core business asset.

Maintain repository of all assets

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