Maximize ServiceNow’s Policy and Compliance Management Platform

A culture of policy and compliance helps organizations meet their business goals while avoiding unnecessary risk. But manual compliance methods can leave your company vulnerable to missing a critical regulation.

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance provides a centralized platform for policy creation and management. Cask artisan engineers help establish company standards and internal control procedures, cross-mapped to external regulations and other best practices. Now there’s no need for multiple solutions or time-consuming manual processes. With ServiceNow, you can centralize the creation, automation, and management of all aspects of compliance. The artisan engineers at Cask can help you leverage ServiceNow to simplify and automate your policy and compliance process.

How ServiceNow Covers All Policy and Compliance Needs

Our artisan engineers help you create structured workflows to identify, assess, and monitor established control activities.

The Policy and Compliance Management platform collects these processes in a central location:

  • Setting up controls and owners
  • Defining control tests and expected outcomes
  • Establishing frequency of checks and controls
  • Identifying the likelihood of risks and their impact
  • Preparing attestations
  • Mapping authoritative sources to policies, controls, procedures, and risks

The Policy and Compliance Management application lets you automate best practice lifestyles, unify compliance processes, and assure their effectiveness. Cask can help establish an internal structure that allows all levels of management to be involved in good governance, including:

  • Members of the board of directors
  • The IT steering committee
  • Your audit committee
  • Any other management levels

Full participation from management will encourage employees to learn about compliance and policy. The ServiceNow Policy and Compliance platform also helps quickly identify missing pieces in your overall strategy.

Unify compliance processes

ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management Capabilities

Things you can accomplish using the ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Platform:

Profile Scoping for Policies and Controls
  • Establish a proprietary system of internal controls and monitor compliance.
  • Monitor risk exposure and perform risk assessments.
  • Establish dependencies that must be checked when executing any task.
Manage Policy Statements and Policies
  • Import authority documents from the Network Frontiers Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), other third-parties, or build them manually.
  • Visibility into requirements, breakdowns, and overall compliance to quickly spot areas of concern.
Manage Policy Exceptions
  • Document rationale, evidence, and comments to support the acceptance or rejection of policy-exception requests.
  • Set up workflows with control owners, risk managers, and compliance managers in the decision process.
Manage Control Implementation

Controls define how to implement specific policy statements. We help you evaluate which controls are outdated and establish and consolidate the most important ones.

Profile Scoping for Policies and Controls

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Monitor Interactions Between Policy and Compliance and Security Operations Configuration Compliance

It can be difficult to ensure information flows between the team managing security compliance and those managing overall policy and compliance for the organization. With ServiceNow you can establish continuous monitoring between the two areas.

Cask helps map policy statements or controls directly to configuration tests, generating profiles and related indicators to specific configuration tests. We also integrate scan results from third-party applications (like Qualys) and help validate and monitor your compliance, managing risks against established authority documents.

ServiceNow can automatically generate issues whenever configuration test scans produce a failure result, and close automatically once subsequent scans indicate successful remediation.

Establish continuous monitoring

Make Use of Preconfigured Analytics

The ServiceNow Performance Analytics Solutions include prebuilt dashboards with data visualizations you can use to improve business practices and processes. View your information across various periods to identify potential correction areas.

The platform offers two views:

  • GRC Compliance Overview – see where your company is with overall compliance and where it’s broken down.
  • GRC Policy Exception Overview – see the number, source, and severity of all current policy exceptions and exempted controls.
Compliance Overview Dashboard

Establish end-users as audit managers, audit administrators, and audit analysts, and set viewing authority accordingly.

Compliance reports include:
  • Compliance Breakdown
  • Compliance by Authority Document
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Compliance Score by Department
  • Compliance Score Trends
  • Overall Compliance
Policy Exceptions Overview Dashboard

Establish users as audit managers, audit administrators, and audit managers, and set viewing levels as needed.Policy Exceptions Overview reports:

  • Active Policy Exceptions
  • Approved Policy Exceptions
  • Exempted Controls
  • Exempted Control Risks
  • Policy Exceptions
  • Policy Exceptions by Department
  • Policy Exceptions by Policy Statement
  • Policy Exceptions by Priority
  • Policy Exceptions by Profile

Cask artisan engineers make sure your organization collects information from all available sources for reporting accuracy.

Dashboards with data visualizations

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