Compliance Reporting Using ServiceNow

Long, tedious, and time-consuming, the annual Report on Compliance can be a huge burden for the merchant required to produce one.

Cask helps you eliminate the manual legwork required for such reports by automating repetitive tasks using ServiceNow. Imagine having all your Report on Compliance information ready and waiting for submission when it’s due. Our artisan engineers assist with configuration to make it happen. With ServiceNow, you’re able to detect gaps in your current compliance and security infrastructure so you can address them throughout the year and avoid the surprise of a breach.

What is a Report on Compliance?

A completed Report on Compliance form must be submitted by any Level 1 Visa merchant currently undergoing a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Audit) audit.

The requirements are part of the ongoing effort to prevent cyber-theft of credit card data. Merchants, retailers, and financial institutions face constant threats from malware designed to steal consumer information.

Everyone who processes payment cards must comply, including institutions who may only store cardholder or sensitive authentication data.

All Level 1 Visa merchants must follow six categories of compliance:
  1. Build and maintain secure networks and systems
  2. Protect cardholder data
  3. Maintain a viable vulnerability management program
  4. Implement strong access-control measures
  5. Monitor and test all networks
  6. Maintain an information security policy

Level 1 Visa merchants

RoC Reporting Challenges

Financial institutions must validate their compliance status every year. Every PCI DSS requirement includes an extensive list of testing procedures to confirm compliance.

Institutions can follow one of two options, based on the number of transactions.

  • Those with a large transaction volume can use an External Qualified Security Assessor, authorized by the PCI Council, to create a Report on Compliance
  • Those with less extensive transaction volume can choose a Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Many companies approach PCI DSS requirements as something separate from normal operations when it should be part of the day-to-day processes. This approach leads to insufficient scoping for work requirements and can also result in data breaches.

Time-Consuming Annual Compliance Validation

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Benefits of RoC Automation

Organizations can now create RoC reports using the GRC module in ServiceNow.

Of course, it takes a deep understanding of the RoC process to build out a report according to PCI DSS requirements. That’s where Cask artisan engineers come in. We help institutions fulfill their compliance obligations using our deep knowledge of GRC and proper RoC formatting.

Before using Service Now’s GRC capabilities to automate your RoC report, Internal and external audits must be conducted. Cask can make sure you don’t miss any areas where supporting information will be required and help you create a report for each area of engagement. You’ll come away with full confidence in your final RoC.

Save time by automating

RoC, ServiceNow, and Cask

Cask can automate the creation of your entire RoChe GRC capabilities within the ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management platform.

Since ServiceNow also handles your PCI audits, you’re able to immediately attach relevant data to a report upon completion. ServiceNow makes it possible to ensure both are done in conjunction.

Cask follows a streamlined process:
  1. Conduct your audit
  2. Provide meaningful answers to all relevant questions
  3. Generate a report based on findings
Cask helps involve all levels to create a strong compliance culture:
  • Board of Directors
  • IT steering committee
  • Audit committee
  • All management levels

Create with ServiceNow, automate with Cask.

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