Maximizing Your ServiceNow’s Risk Management Investment

Risk management allows you to identify and quantify the impact of loss events on business processes and your organization as a whole. The risk represents the consequences of not complying with a policy.

The changing regulatory environment leaves many struggling to keep up. Complications also arise when responsibility for compliance falls under an assortment of regulatory regimes. ServiceNow’s Risk Management module provides: Flexibility and visibility for quick assessments, evaluations, and risk mitigation of non-compliance events. Modules to centralize and manage everything related to business risks. Automation to reduce costs and time spent tracking assets to ensure processes aren’t damaged by untracked events.

Service Mapping and Discovery

Service Mapping enables IT to create service-aware views of your business infrastructure.

Mapping discovers all application services used in your organization and builds a comprehensive map of all applications, devices, and configuration programs.

Applications can be internal services like email or external, like your business website. A web-based financial reporting application typically requires a computer, application server, web server, middleware, databases, and associated network infrastructure.

Service Mapping solves the hassle of tracking dependencies between objects by using patterns to detect device attributes and the connections being made. A top-down view of all objects and the connections between them will allow you to manage risk before it spreads.


Failure to keep your Configuration Management Database (CMBD) current can lead to faulty implementation of various elements of the Risk Management platform, including Service Mapping. Discovery helps IT departments gain visibility into their IT infrastructure and find physical devices like laptops and routers, along with associated dependencies.

Combine Discovery with Service Mapping for optimal resource inventory and relationship data for your automated service maps, plus additional benefits:

  • Faster server restoration from incidents
  • Ability to perform effective root-cause analysis
  • Opportunities for proactive problem resolution
  • Reduced risk regarding change resolutions
  • Better-informed business decisions

Build a comprehensive map

Automation and Orchestration

A manual inventory can be time-consuming and still miss essential elements.

ServiceNow Orchestration enables you to reduce human error by automating manual tasks, while maintaining security and ensuring compliance.

Cask helps you build a library of reusable activities without writing any code. Apply automation to your Service Mapping and Discovery modules and see immediate value while improving the customers’ experience. A built-in ROI calculator tracks each automation run and figures cost savings over time, as well as projected savings for potential automation.

Additional Orchestration Capabilities
  • Reusable activity templates across multiple automations
  • Use cases for Client Software Distribution
  • Prebuilt drag-and-drop orchestration activities

Automate manual tasks

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Cloud Management

Because a hybrid environment of public and private cloud servers is common for data management, all such resources must be carefully tracked to see who has access and ensure security protocols are followed to prevent breaches.

Company-wide standards must be implemented to manage and deploy services in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

ServiceNow Cloud Management provides a centralized location to view and manage your public and private cloud resources. The platform helps accelerate provisioning of both cloud-managed services and infrastructure while delivering consistent management of all business services and cloud resources.

Other Cloud Management Benefits
  • Provision and configure standardized cloud infrastructure
  • Deployment teams gain self-service capabilities for enhanced agility
    Provides a structured environment that delivers quality, compliance, and security
  • Create a single system of record for all cloud resources and the business services that depend on them
  • Find existing cloud business services and infrastructure resources and discover how they relate to each other
  • Strengthen governance and security using auditable processes and role-based access
  • Manage costs around public cloud usage, including allocation and underutilized resources

Manage services in cloud environments

Event Management

Track how events impact your business for the entire organization, not just IT, with ServiceNow Event Management.

The module uses Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) to reduce event noise generated from monitoring tools. Less time is spent correlating events since it automatically adapts to your evolving environment.

Event Management brings in events from other tools to consolidate, analyze, and take action as needed. You’re able to view everything that impacts your organization and provide solutions to specific business areas. End-users can view the impact of events directly to better understand how business services are affected.

Reduce noise from monitoring tools

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