Aligning All the Compliance Requirements Of An Organization

Unified Compliance integrates tools and processes to harmonize all compliance requirements of an organization.

The specified requirements provide a path to accomplish the following tasks:

Extracting Mandates—Unified Compliance outlines rules for extracting mandates from citations included within Authority Documents.

Mapping Mandates to Common Controls—Allow mapping from all relevant citations to related Common Controls and create new Common Controls when necessary

Report on Mapping Accuracy—Calculate percentages of match accuracy when tagging and mapping Mandates back to Common Controls.

Standardize Audits—Implement a standardized structure for auditing all parts of implementing Common Controls.

All four capabilities must be in place for Unified Compliance to happen. Successful implementation helps companies resolve disconnects between ensuring all regulatory compliance needs are met while giving employees enough time to fulfill normal business obligations.

What is UCF?

The Unified Compliance Framework is the most extensive library database in the world of interconnected compliance documents.

It is also the only commercially available Common Controls framework.

The UCF holds:
  • 1,000 mapped Authority Documents
  • 100,000+ Individual mandates
  • 10,000+ Common Controls
  • 250,000 interrelated dictionary words and phrases

Built atop the UCF is a dynamic Software-as-a-Service portal called the Common Controls Hub™ (CCH). Authority Documents mapped into the UCF can be viewed and extracted using the CCH.

Compliance officers can access the CCH to check regulations applicable to their business. Healthcare corporations can find information on PCI, HIPAA, and SOX. The Hub provides a list of all controls pertinent to the overall checklist of related authority documents.

One thing the CCH can’t do is tell you whether controls were implemented correctly, which requires a thorough audit.

The most extensive library database

Integrating UCF and ServiceNow

ServiceNow can integrate directly with Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) using an authentication process that validates your subscription.

IT personnel choose which type of authentication to check, then set up with an API key from UCF or information from ServiceNow.

Compliance administrators can download content from the Network Frontiers UCF for use in GRC citations, authority documents, policy statements, and controls. Users then set updates for all documents during pre-defined intervals. (You need a valid UCF Common Controls Hub account before building and importing shared lists.)

Cask artisan engineers help you configure ServiceNow and UCF by making sure authority documents imported into your ServiceNow instance exist in shared lists from the UCF CCH. (This practice eliminates inconsistencies between any UCF CCH changes and your previously imported data.)

Cask guides you through UCF CCH creation and set up:
  • Sign you up for a UCF CCH account
  • Customize your basic subscription with APA access
  • Activate your compliance UCF plugin
  • Walk through the account integration process
  • Configure your UCF integration
  • Begin downloading a UCF shared list

Download content from Network Frontiers

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The Benefits of ServiceNow’s Partnership With UCF

ServiceNow enables employees to work more effectively by simplifying multi-step processes through automation and streamlining more common, less user-intensive tasks.

The platform helps areas such as Customer Service, Human Resources, IT, and Security Operations.

The ServiceNow GRC suite of applications provides comprehensive, timely and continuous information for reporting, auditing and compliance purposes. GRC applications enable organizations to build scalable compliance programs that meet internal and regulatory requirements.

When you combine ServiceNow with the Unified Compliance Framework, you can improve experiences for both employees and customers while becoming a more efficient organization.

Add the Common Controls Hum to ServiceNow GRC and help customers:
  • Manage any issues for track remediation or issue exception
  • Document and publish relevant policies
  • Download and import pertinent UCF information
  • Use controls and manage risks
  • Assess exposure to business risks
  • Monitor risks and controls continuously
    Plan and conduct internal audits

Simplify multi-step processes

Cask Partnership With UCF

Our vast knowledge of both the ServiceNow suite and the Unified Compliance Framework puts us in a unique position.

We guide companies in the best ways of uniting the two processes while meeting business needs. We help you get comfortable using each platform and establish compliance guidelines for the entire organization.

Our artisan engineers help prevent compliance gaps that could lead to significant penalties. We ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side of an audit by automating time-consuming manual processes. With proper risk management, compliance, and internal audits, there’s a lot less to worry about.

Establish compliance guidelines

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