Maximize ServiceNow’s Emergency Response Management Platform

We’re committed to being there for you and your organization – not just in a crisis, but every day.

We care deeply about our customers, our partners, our employees and the families that surround them. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by COVID-19, directly or indirectly. As COVID-19 evolves, we need to protect our communities, while enabling our customers to move forward in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Safe Workplace Applications

Take the complexity out of safely returning to work. 

In order to support employees returning to this new dynamic environment, ServiceNow has created a suite of applications that enables long term agility, flexibility,
and monitoring. The suite of applications includes four new applications and a dashboard that help companies assess both their workforce and workplace readiness as they prepare for employees to return to the workplace.

ServiceNow Health and Safety Consultant

ServiceNow Vaccination Management Software

Vaccination Management

Manage Vaccines to Ensure the Safety of Individuals and the People Around Them

Ensure that you have a flexible and mature solution to keep up with regulations enabling your organization to scale across and intersect large quantities of the population. Centralize and standardize available information, workplace procedures, and employee reporting.

Cask HealthBook Kit

Support Healthcare Emergencies Quickly and Efficiently

Cask HealthBook enables Government and Healthcare Organizations to rapidly book and manage appointments on the NOW Platform. Deploy the Cask HealthBook Application yourself and start rapidly booking and managing appointments.

Emergency Response Kit

Speed Up Emergency Response with Our Kit 

Support your employees and citizens during this pandemic with ServiceNow’s four Emergency Response Apps. Access videos, demos, guides, and more that will help you deploy the 4 ServiceNow Community Applications yourself.

Operational Continuity & Emergency Response Assistance

We believe that when everyone works together, we’re all stronger.

  1. Keeping our Customers, Partners, Employees, and Citizens Safe
  2. Operational Continuity using Digital Collaboration and our Combined Virtual / Remote Workforces
  3. Ensure Efficient Emergency Operations & Response with Cask & ServiceNow

Taking care of our community

The right people to provide the right solution

Remote Admin Support

Get great help without having to hire it. 

Cask takes traditional admin to the next level with Solution Architect oversight, and flexible support and pricing plans, tailored to fit the needs of your organization.

Manage solutions across the entire ServiceNow platform with:

  • Five support levels to choose from
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Solution Architect oversight
  • Weekly success meetings

"What [the Cask] team has built in such a short period of time is amazing.”

-Response Team Leader, City of Los Angeles

Customer Success: City of Los Angeles

Helping Los Angeles’ Most Vulnerable Citizens

Cask jumps into action to build a rapid response testing application for the City of LA 

We developed, tested, and launched a rapid scheduling application to support drive-thru testing for COVID-19 in four locations across Los Angeles, which will be expanded over time as more testing kits become available.

We wanted to help where we knew we could do good.

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