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HR Essentials is an employee-centered HR Service Delivery offering powered by the ServiceNow platform.

Are manual systems and a lack of transparency eating your HR lunch?

Is your team swimming in a pool of murky and redundant manual HR workflows?

Because your HR team interacts with every member of your organization, if workflows are ineffective it can leave a wake of BIG problems in its path.

Loss of efficiency and morale

HRBPs are drowning in manual transactions rather than being able to focus on strategic work..

Lack of transparent processes

Poor visibility to overall workload makes it impossible to secure staff and funding needed.

Confused and frustrated employees

Employees don’t know where to go for information and support; requests feel lost in a black hole.


Hi. We’re Cask.

Our practitioner-led team has untangled the most common enterprise-level HR nightmares and created cohesive and effective HR workflow solutions built on the ServiceNow platform.


We use the following components of HRSD to build solutions that deliver lasting impact:

  • HR Case Management
  • HR Agent Workspace
  • HR Service Catalog
  • HR Knowledge Management
  • Employee Center Portal
  • HRIS Integration
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Training & Enablement

Great technology + visionary architects
= delighted employees and provable ROI.

Reduction in HR email intake
Increase in employee self-service
Increase in overall productivity
Deflection of employee cases

Can you see it now?

A world where people feel like more than human capital.

Imagine a world where your people feel connected, attrition is low, and you can clearly prove the ROI of good HR workflows to leadership. A world where you can create an environment that actually reflects your company’s values.

Start laying a strong foundation and elevate HR now.

Overcome HR inefficiencies and set your HRBPs free with Cask HR Essentials.

Connect with us today to learn more about how HR Essentials can work for you.