Maximize ServiceNow’s Human Resources Knowledge Management Platform

Effective HR knowledge management practices are essential for maintaining and disseminating important HR information across your entire organization.

Cask takes the power away from paperwork and puts it back in the hands of HR professionals by expertly implementing ServiceNow’s HR Knowledge Management tools. ServiceNow’s Human Resources knowledge management capabilities make it easy for HR to keep a wide variety of policies, benefits, holiday schedules, and more up to date and even easier for employees to find answers to their questions with contextual search functionality. Knowledge is power. Wield yours effectively with Cask’s expert implementation of the ServiceNow HR knowledge management toolbox.

Provide Self-Serve HR Information

HR workers spend an average of 2.5 full-time work days handling routine requests for information from employees.

That sends a message to today’s workforce that yours isn’t a company that values innovation or their time.

Though the benefits are numerous for both business and workers, few organizations help employees help themselves because they lack the technology and time to do so. At Cask, our results-oriented business and technology consultants have enabled HR transformation for decades. We’re extremely well-versed in dealing with the modern issues that Human Resources leaders face. As a gold-level ServiceNow partner, we have the acumen to integrate the tools to unlock the potential of your organization.

Value innovation and your employee’s time

How to Consolidate HR Information

There’s no doubt that important knowledge exists all across your organization.

The downside is that all too often this knowledge only exists locked away in other kinds of knowledge silos.

The HR knowledge management practitioners at Cask aim to help companies actually use all this knowledge by creating a singular, transparent, and consistent ServiceNow HR portal where employees can access information as needed.

If you’re interested in consolidating and making HR information more useful, Cask’s team of gold-level ServiceNow implementation specialists are on tap to provide results-focused solutions and consultation services for your unique organizational set up.

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Localize HR Information

Multinational enterprise organizations must be prepared to play on a global stage when it comes to employee knowledge.

However, many HR departments are simply too small, too busy, and often too far away to accurately localize employee knowledge.

Cask and ServiceNow provides the technology, automation, and other HR localization features that empower Human Resources professionals to prepare and deliver HR services and employee information that is accurate, helpful, and tailored to align with different languages, currencies, policies, and other location-dependent elements.

Employee knowledge on a global stage

Unleash AI for Human Resources

Everyone in business is being asked to do more with less these days.

Fortunately, technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are able to take over simple, repetitive tasks so that people can get back to strategic projects that get the needle moving.

At Cask, our team of artisan engineers is dedicated to transforming the way people work with ServiceNow’s chatbots, smart automation features, and more. With Cask, you get a partner that is dedicated to implementing cutting-edge technologies that empower you to deliver better service, use your human capital more effectively, and lower costs so you can scale your business.

Do more with less, with automation

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