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Employee onboarding, offboarding, and transitions are some of the most complex operations HR departments undertake.

In modern businesses, changes in an employee’s status require the cooperation of HR, Facilities, IT, Security, and other organizations both inside and outside the organization. Automating, digitizing, and mobile enabling employee transitions using ServiceNow is one of the best solutions out there for cross-functional, cross-system-of-record onboarding and offboarding. Spend less time managing employee onboarding, offboarding, and transitions. Contact Cask for your free consultation and be on your way to a unique, modern, and automated HR transition process.

Issues Attracting and Retaining Talent?

Top talent is inundated with choice.

HR is responsible for delivering a modern, on-brand onboarding experience that convinces them they made the right decision. If they can’t, HR will also be responsible for every unproductive hour spent in hiring someone else.

If you’re having trouble attracting and retaining the talent your company needs, now is the time to engage Cask’s team of award-winning designers and consultants. We will analyze your unique situation to provide tailored onboarding and re-onboarding programs that support employees and improve talent attraction and retention rates for HR organizations.

Consumer-grade employee experiences

Does Onboarding Reflect the Real You?

Much like consumers, talent today “shops around” for an employer that is able to woo them with savvy recruitment techniques and a brand they can buy into.

But after you’ve “won” a new hire, is your onboarding workflow intentionally focused on continuing to create brand advocates who champion your organization, personify your mission, attract high-value referrals, and spread powerful word-of-mouth marketing?

If you’re like many organizations, the answer is no. At Cask, our experienced consultants take a process-driven approach to empower you to provide a personalized onboarding experience. Partner with us and see how we can put ServiceNow to work to reinforce your brand.

Personalize onboarding, create brand ambassadors

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Developing Smart Processes that Work

It’s an unfortunate reality that many organizations feel HR consists of a bunch of rules-focused taskmasters.

However, HR units actually provide an indispensable outlet for growth by attracting and retaining the right talent for the right roles at the right time—when they’re not stuck in manual, time-wasting workflows.

The global shift toward digital business transformation has opened the door for HR departments to implement technology and processes that allow them to spend their time on strategic developments.

At Cask, our experts take a results-oriented approach to help HR teams cut out high-maintenance, low-importance tasks so they can tap into the potential of your company’s human capital.

Make an impact, spend time on strategic developments

Showcase Company Culture with HR

Candidates actually rank culture as more important than compensation. And the success of that culture and how it scales across the organization tends to belong fully to the HR team.

People who don’t feel like they fit in among their colleagues or understand the importance of their role in your mission are more likely to check out and inevitably walk out.

Through personalized consulting, cutting-edge technology implementation, and award-winning business process design that empowers your team to actually use these tools; Cask transforms HR departments so they’re able to sustainably showcase their company’s culture throughout every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Company culture more important than compensation

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