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In the age of instant access, employees expect quick answers to important questions about paperwork, policies, and processes. The larger your organization grows, the more questions there are and the more time your HR team spends on manual, menial tasks like answering repetitive questions, updating cumbersome paperwork, checking disparate time-tracking software, and so on.

End-to-End Case Design Thinking

Portal design thinking starts with developing a deep understanding of the people for whom we’re creating tools and processes.

This knowledge enables our team of distinguished consultants and award-winning implementation specialists to understand an organization’s unique pain points and ultimately create results-oriented solutions that don’t just look great but that also works great.

Cask goes beyond uninspired and unengaging “cookie-cutter” HR service portal templates by:
• Empathize with end-users
• Clearly define their needs
• Challenge assumptions to create innovative solutions
• Build out a custom instance of ServiceNow’s HR portal with all the latest in enterprise HR service delivery and automation
• Thoroughly test & tweak the entire implementation to make sure your new solution exceeds expectations for end-users

By taking such an immersive approach, we’re able to help enterprise and government organizations alike develop all-encompassing brand experiences that create and retain engaged evangelists—which is critically important in today’s war over talent.

Creating result-oriented solutions

Implement Innovative, Engaging User Experiences

Techonology can empower employees access important organizational information at their fingertips.

Focusing on the user experience has come to be expected by the technically savvy generations that are starting to power the workplace today. Implement an innovative, modern HR service delivery portal to empower user experience that is friction-free no matter how or when an employee uses it.

The ability to self-serve key employee information is actually becoming a unique selling point with which organizations are attracting and retaining talent. Employees value a smooth transition into as well as between roles that takes the hassle out of “dealing with” HR—positioning them as an engager rather than as an enforcer.

It is a new world in HR. Partner with Cask to create diverse solutions that enable employee self-service, drive mobile-friendly access to HR services, and improve overall employee engagement all while managing the increasing regulations that exist around protecting employee privacy information.

Your talent expects consumer grade experiences

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A Single Source of Truth is Imperative

Human Resources has always been a data-powered organization.

Their responsibilities around data only continue to grow in size and intensity as technology both empowers and strengthens our appetite for data collection and analysis. It’s clear that creating a single source of data truth has never been more important for Human Resource departments than it is right now. And creating a source that’s also accessible and useful is just as key.

With years of experience consulting and creating solutions for enterprise-size customers in the public sector and the Global 2000, the Cask team understands the importance of a single HR portal that unites all the necessary backend applications and is extremely accessible for both HR and other business users. Always-on and always-accurate data is vital in helping workers get to productivity faster, reducing cost while increasing efficiency, and providing an overall world-class experience that attracts and keeps world-class talent.

Knowledge is an engine that enables companies to grow. Harness its power with Cask’s custom, award-winning design and gold-level ServiceNow implementation services that can take you to the next level.

Unite & make backend applications

Empower Employees with Relevant Content

There’s a lot of crucial information that employees must receive in a timely manner for legal, educational, regulatory, and other reasons.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many tools on the market that enable such information to be spread in a way that’s efficient, effective, and relevant for each intended audience.

Imagine your Human Resources team needs to inform your global workforce about a change to the benefits package. At such a scale, even content pertaining to relatively simple updates must be modified and disseminated very specifically based on factors like location, role, current benefits selection, and time differences. Email and simple, static content simply aren’t effective.

However, with a custom ServiceNow HR portal implementation from Cask, organizations can take advantage of content delivery and automation tools that make modifying and distributing important content faster, more accurate, and simpler to keep up to date over time. Content can live in the easy-to-maintain HR service portal, be dispatched via email, get configured into another type of delivery campaign, and more.

There’s not much use in having a custom, world-class HR service portal built if you aren’t able to use it to manage and deliver fresh, relevant content. Don’t let your portal go stale. Partner with Cask to take advantage of ServiceNow’s easy-to-use, data-driven capabilities that empower HR professionals to create and other workers to access important, relevant employee information.

Modify & distribute important content faster

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