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Achieve next level visibility into your IT infrastructure.

Centralize and manage your services, applications and infrastructure data in ServiceNow, so you can deliver with confidence, traceability, and automation.


ITOM Offerings

Optimize your ITOM practice with these Cask innovations.


CMDB Prime

Populate your CMDB with a prescriptive package for CMDB deployment and Discovery with up to four integrations and two data loads.

Service Mapping Essentials

Map your applications with a prescriptive implementation of Service Mapping with up to 50 unique maps.

Zero Trust Federal Compliance

Stay in compliance with an implementation or our proprietary “Zero Trust” Discovery package that enables Agent Client Collector to support Service Mapping

Event Management Essentials

Bring events into your environment with a prescriptive implementation of Event Management with up to two event sources and 16 event rules.

Cloud Monitoring Essentials

Monitor your cloud with a prescriptive implementation of LightStep using ServiceNow for observation.

Assessment + Remediation


Ensure your CMDB is ready for your Software Asset Management deployment with a SAM-specific CMDB assessment and remediation.

CMDB Launchpad

Be successful with a focused advisory and remediation package specific to CMDB Health.


CMDB Expert Assist

Add a follow-on subscription with expert technical resources there to support the ramp-up of your solution.

Targeted solutions spanning ITOM needs:



View and manage all of your configuration data in one place with a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).


Event Management

Bring events from various sources into your instance to reduce event noise, increase value from your existing tools, understand root cause, and improve service availability with ServiceNow Event Management.


Service Mapping

Understand and manage your application services using ServiceNow Service Mapping to build a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles.


Cloud Management

Provision cloud infrastructure and services directly from your instance and provide consistent management and cost visibility with ServiceNow Cloud Management.


Operational Intelligence

Expand event management to analyze performance issues in your infrastructure and applications using machine learning with ServiceNow Operational Intelligence.



Automate your IT and business processes for operations management, like password reset, client software distribution, and activity packs to reduce tasks, improve productivity, and automate and accelerate processes.


Cloud Data Center Migration

Provide visibility to IT assets as they’re migrated to the cloud and ensure change management is supported during the migration effort.


Integration Hub

Connect your critical applications and tools with your instance with ServiceNow Integration Hub.



Populate your CMDB with trusted data straight from the source. ServiceNow Discovery scans your environment to gather operating system-level information and relationships on a schedule you choose.

With a strong CMDB all things are possible.

Your journey to enterprise visibility starts with a solid data foundation that can only be achieved through a robust CMDB, populated with Discovery and integrations–and ultimately, mapped to your business services.

View your IT infrastructure in a single pane of glass.

You need to both see and interact with all of your configuration data from a single platform. ServiceNow Discovery along with tailored and out-of-the-box integrations keep your CMDB full and fresh when implemented correctly.

Unlock the potential of your organization’s data.

A robust CMDB has the potential to enable automated workflows that support almost every other team in your organization. A thoughtful ITOM implementation paves the way for faster incident resolution, better vulnerability response, and reduction in change collisions, just to name a few.

Understand how your services and infrastructure connect.

Business and technical teams rarely speak the same language, and even siloed technical teams struggle to communicate effectively. Connect those perspectives through service mapping and dependency relationships.Service Desk, Service Ownership, and Business Management).


Hi. We’re Cask.

We are a team of certified architects, engineers, and process experts focusing exclusively on robust ITOM solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We provide you with visibility into data you can trust and trace.

The visibility into supported and managed IT Infrastructure that your business needs

  • High quality at high speed
  • ITOM domain expertise
  • Data strategy
  • Service Operations focus

Proactive and predictive operations

The pace of digital transformation is growing exponentially as are the demands for IT operations to deliver resilient and secure services. We empower IT Operations leaders to confidently manage proactive and predictive operations.

Visibility with IT Operations


A single, centralized view of what you support.

Trusted Data with IT Operations

Trusted Data

Data that you can confirm is accurate and up to date.

Traceability with IT Operations


Traceability from your services to their supporting infrastructure.

Automation with IT Operations


The mechanism to enable Visibility, Trusted Data & Traceability.

People + process + technology = getting to tangible outcomes

Fully ITOM focused team

We don’t pull in generalists. Cask’s dedicated ITOM team brings the practical experience of working in the roles they help guide as consultants. The team is deeply knowledgeable and experienced in the ITOM domain.

Solutions deployed are scalable

Design and deployment of our ITOM solutions take into consideration future growth and ServiceNow updates. We pride ourselves on the sustainability of our work..

We teach our clients to fish

Cask ensures that you can support what was deployed. From the project start, we help identify and train your internal resource(s) to support ITOM solutions. Working sessions, training aides, and building a working relationship with your team all help ensure sustaining success.

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Get Started with CMDB Prime

With CMDB Prime, you can experience the freedom to empower business-driven decisions with fast, validated, accurate data. Step into confidence with real-time visibility, while saving yourself time, money, and headaches.

Let’s automate your CMDB so you can work faster and safer.