Asset Management

Automate asset lifecycle management from acquire-to-retire for real-time asset visibility, increased asset performance, decreased cost, and a safer work environment.

Asset Management is the end-to-end management of your physical and digital resources. Cask can help you track and manage your assets throughout the asset lifecycle including increasing asset performance, ensuring asset availability through predictive and preventative maintenance, real-time asset analytics, IoT/IIoT connectivity and monitoring, machine learning, and ensuring compliance and safety.

The Asset Management Features You Need

Reduce IT-related costs and bring financial visibility to your IT operations with Cask Asset Management services through ServiceNow.

Facilities Assets

Streamline lifecycle management for your facilities assets. Automate asset operations to deliver preventative maintenance, remote monitoring, real-time analytics and tracking, and more.

IT Asset Management

Cask makes it possible to increase service while maintaining compliance, minimizing risk, and reducing expenses.

Fixed & Capital Asset Maintenance

Optimize your fixed and capital assets to decrease unplanned downtime, prevent equity failures, and ensure compliance and regulatory requirements.

Mobile & Fleet Asset Management

Locate, track, and manage your fleet and mobile assets. Verify usage, save on maintenance costs, reduce fuel costs, and ensure asset availability.

Property & Inventory Management

Maintain and manage the acquisition, reconciliation, physical inventory, utilization, and disposal of equipment and property.

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Implementing Asset Management

Asset Management is essential for every organization. This doesn’t simply track what assets you have and where they are, but it also allows you to manage these assets throughout their lifespan.

With an Asset Management platform, you can ensure that your IT resources do not fall off the radar and deteriorate.  Cask implements Asset Management through an asset’s lifecycle, from acquire to retire.

The moment you procure the assets your organization needs, either by buying, building, or leasing them, it is entered into the asset management system.

Asset management continues once you introduce the procured asset into your organization’s IT ecosystem. The introduction is usually done through installation, integration with other processes, establishing operations or support processes, and giving users access to it.

Maintenance, repairs, or upgrades may be necessary for some IT assets. Doing these things maximizes its value to users as it is being operated and used. As a result, you extend the useful life of the asset, reduce the risks related to it, and lessen the costs of support IT needs. All of these can be tracked on your Asset Management platform.

When an asset reaches the end of its useful life, Asset Management records get updated. The retired asset must be disposed of or dispositioned. This is achieved through canceling support agreements, terminating license renewals, and planning for the procurement of its replacement.

Extend the useful life of your assets

Asset Management and Its Benefits to Businesses

Records from Asset Management makes it easier to perform regular audits and track maintenance activities done to your IT assets.

Apart from that, ServiceNow Asset Management helps your organization:

Track Total Cost of Ownership
Optimize your future spending once an asset reaches the end of its useful life by determining the costs associated with it throughout its lifecycle. These costs may include warranty fees, lease charges, contract payments, and many others.

Control Your Assets
Exert control over the proper distribution of assets by centralizing requests through a role-based catalog. With this, you’ll be able to enforce policies and regulatory requirements that your staff needs to meet to request and obtain approvals.

Simplify Audit Preparation
Simplified audit preparation and faster owner notification prevent lapses in business coverage. This can be achieved by having business information about your assets on hand, including age, procurement date, and expiration date.

Provide Assets Faster
Swift asset provisioning for commonly requested goods is essential to carry out business processes. With Asset Management, records are created from the outset, so it’s easy to track which requested assets are and aren’t in stock.

Manage Inventory
Proper inventory is essential in keeping your business profitable, so you need strong to have complete control over inventory management. With Asset Management software, you can easily automate rules in your organization to pull stock or give instructions to procure more.

Gain Transparency into Business Operations
One of the best features of the ServiceNow Asset Management software is the configurable dashboards. Built-in metrics and surveys give you real-time transparency into your business operations so you can easily identify areas and services that need improvement and create training opportunities that drive overall service improvement to your processes.

With Asset Management, you can do all these and more. Embed it into your everyday IT management to get the most out of your ServiceNow platform and change how your business is run.

Real-time transparency into your business operations


Built-in metrics and surveys give you real-time transparency into your business operations so you can easily identify areas and services that need improvement and create training opportunities that drive overall service improvement to your processes.

Why Choose Cask?

The essence of asset management lies in its ability to monitor and manage your business assets in a systemized manner. When assets are managed effectively, your business becomes more efficient, productive, and profitable. That’s exactly what we want for you.

Let us help you with your Asset Management needs. Work with us and experience firsthand what makes Cask different:

Unique Competencies
Cask is composed of a talented team of specialists with a passion for design and innovation and possess the power to transform the way you work.

Strategic Business Consulting
Work with a company that is results-focused in collaboration with experts who develop new pathways to higher business value and customer success.

ServiceNow Technology Expertise
The Cask team brings profound expertise across all areas of the ServiceNow platform. Years of helping other businesses to succeed on the platform have given us the knowledge to create sustainable solutions with ServiceNow for our customers.

Superb Employee & Customer Experiences
A modern customer experience matters to your audience. But modernity isn’t enough. At the end of the day, your employees and customers both want the experience with your brand to be as effortless as it is effective.

Experience firsthand what makes Cask different

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