IT Financial Management

Measure consumption and make spending transparent to reflect and grow the value of IT to your business

Cask helps IT departments do a little more with a little less by strategically implementing ServiceNow tools that simplify sharing accurate, transparent cost details to defend your budget. With our custom-build cost models, you’re able to align your budget with business forecasts, investments, and growing consumption.

As independent advisors, we’re invested in helping you make the best tooling decisions, not selling you licenses. At Cask, our deep industry experience coupled with an informed big-picture mindset empowers us to help organizations transform by connecting and leveraging interrelated IT and business capabilities. Together, let’s attack your business problems with surgical precision to help you shape demand and get the support you need to pursue IT innovation.

IT Financial Spreadsheets

Build secure, scalable, and useful IT financial management—without spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are time-consuming, difficult to keep up to date, and nearly impossible to share across the organization in a transparent and scalable way. And, unfortunately, spreadsheets are also still a mainstay when it comes to IT financial management at the enterprise level.

At Cask, we want to make your IT financial management efforts more secure, more scalable, and more useful. One of the many advantages of partnering with Cask to implement IT Financial Management solutions from ServiceNow is gaining freedom from spreadsheets. Instead, we’ll help you develop smart cost models that integrate with the rest of your ServiceNow environment to provide deeper insight.

Using ServiceNow as your single system of engagement will allow key players in your organization to access and manage important financial information, get a better understanding of IT services and their financial situation, track performance across important data points, and all the other tasks that come into play in the complex space where IT and financial management meet.

Lack of Cost Detail in IT

Transparent and rebranded IT services demand a place in budget planning meetings

Do you find it difficult to defend your budget in the do-more-with-less world where general allocations are no longer acceptable? At Cask, we try to get to the root of that problem by helping you position your IT department as a key business partner who doesn’t need to defend their budget at all.

How? First, we empower IT organizations to give stakeholders complete transparency into IT costs and ROI by creating advanced cost models that sync with and pull in important data from their ServiceNow environment expose business consumption of IT so you can align your budget with business forecasts and investments to finally reflect the true value of IT.

Next, we coach IT departments on how to rebrand, market, and “sell” their technology offerings as business services. This shift in thinking helps the IT organization gain a seat at the table when it comes time to plan the yearly budget—not beg for it.

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Business Pressure to “Do More With Less”

Actually get more done with fewer resources thanks to Cask consulting and ServiceNow

In every business discipline, we’re being asked to do more with less. However, we’d be willing to argue that no organization feels this pressure more than IT departments where spending has long been misunderstood.

In addition, as IT becomes more and more necessary for an organization’s success, their resource allocation continues to grow while clarity around cost and impact remains stagnant. At Cask, we know there’s no time like the present to get ahead of the misunderstanding that clouds IT costs as well as truly find a way to provide a little more value with a bit fewer resources.

How? Cask combines decades of deep business and technology advisory and consulting expertise with gold-level ServiceNow partnership to create the strategy you need to reposition IT as a service provider and launch the unique tools you need to provide transparency in IT budgeting and spending.

Lack of Ownership and Accountability

Easily bake ownership and accountability into your next IT budget with Cask

If an IT organization wants to be treated like a trusted business partner, it has to be ready to play by the same rules. Fortunately, making the switch from task doer to service provider naturally leads to the need to begin structuring tasks in terms of “projects” that can be measured and deemed successful or not.

With ServiceNow’s integrated cost models, IT organizations can structure each task (such as CMS implementation, network maintenance, platform migration, a software project, etc.) as a service in which costs, budget, timeline, adoption rate, and other metrics can be tracked. By assigning an owner and some parameters to each of these services, you will be able to create spending accountability as well as transparency into how IT services impact business objectives.

Any business has the right to ask who’s in charge and what the goals are for each project that they’re asked to fund. By positioning IT as a business with projects that are trackable and accountable, it will be a lot easier for IT organizations to gain respect as an impactful business partner instead of a black hole into which money keeps getting sucked without explanation.

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