Eliminate Software Waste In Your Company

Save your organization an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money.

Leave manual spreadsheets and tracking behind and enable your organization on ServiceNow’s end‑to‑end software asset management. Reduce risk,
optimize your software to align with business goals, and take control of your assets instead of letting them control your time and your budget.

Software Investments are Going to Waste

Gain visibility and control of software license processes through their life cycle with ServiceNow

Overseeing software asset management can be a large undertaking for any organization. Yet, the benefits of having a robust software asset management program far outweigh the risks and vulnerabilities you leave yourself open to without such a tool.

Download the Free Software Asset Management Guide

Download the Free Software Asset Management Guide

Learn how to create a well-run SAM Program that:

•  Saves money
•  Improves revenue
•  Increases asset efficiency
•  Lowers risk

How mature is your organization’s SAM?

Take our maturity survey to see if you’re crawling, walking, or running to a mature Software Asset Management

Take five minutes to understand where your organization currently is and most importantly, where it’s headed.

Software Asset Management

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