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Too many IT project implementations are considered unsuccessful by those who initiate them and nearly 20 percent are utter failures. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We help organizations harmonize people, process and technology to align their vision with business outcomes by providing a dependable capability roadmap to guide the way forward.

Strategic Compass

The Cask Strategic Compass™ puts you on a path to maximize your ServiceNow investment and increase the value of your organization. The journey covers four phases, including Discovery, Strategic Alignment, Planning, and Roadmap, leveraging Cask’s TAP Framework for Success.

Cask conducts surveys and interviews with stakeholders before taking a deep-dive analysis into vision, strategies, gaps and challenges. A strategic alignment session is held with senior leaders followed by planning and roadmap working session. Feedback sessions help ensure alignment against deliverables.

Maximize your investment

TAP Methodology

Given the low success rate of most IT project implementations, Cask created the Transformational Approach and Program (TAP), a holistic strategy that incorporates all elements of digital transformation to focus on realizing value and increases user adoption.

Because transformation involves more than technology implementation, we provide a proven framework for success. The TAP framework is built on three foundational pillars: a Strategic Compass, Program Planning, and Training, in order to ensure the desired results are achieved.

The proven strategy to focus on value & user adoption

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Expert-Level Practice Advisories

As ServiceNow’s #1 Business Transformation Partner, we help customers of all sizes and categories enable transformation and execute more effectively, using our deep domain experience and technology expertise.

From Master’s degrees and certifications such as ServiceNow, ITIL Expert, CISSP, and PMP, to Emmy awards for User Experience design, Cask is the most talented ServiceNow partner in the Ecosystem. In fact, Cask holds over 50 ServiceNow certifications, including application developer, system administrator, implementation specialist and authorized trainers in the areas of ITSM, Risk and Security Operations, Human Resources, Asset Management, Customer Service and Finance.

Deep domain & technology expertise


Get the right information to the right decision-makers at the right time. Cask enables platform governance as well as data governance, harnessing the power of ServiceNow as a digital transformation engine to provide visibility across the demand-to-delivery lifecycle.

ServiceNow Governance helps you prioritize business needs in the context of sound platform management practices. It also identifies areas to improve capabilities and services. Cask ensures consistent delivery of ServiceNow-enabled capabilities, allowing you to measure impact and effectiveness while managing cost and quality.

Prioritize business needs

Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management increases adoption, engagement and ROI with customer-centric messaging and branded visual communications that allow you to emotionally connect and change people’s attitudes and behavior.

The Cask process provides an actionable plan that enables you to successfully manage change by clearly communicating the reasons for change, what is changing and how, and the relevant benefits. Our agile communication process works to ensure success and cultural alignment across the organization.

Clear direction to help create change 

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