Set Up Threat Intelligence With ServiceNow

Putting out fires all the time is no way to face threats to your company infrastructure in today’s complex security environment.

Businesses need the right tools to aggressively combat breach attempts. Cask helps you leverage the ServiceNow platform and configure it directly to the needs of your business, turning the platform’s Threat Intelligence capabilities into an effective defense for your organization.

Challenge #1: Monitoring the Right Threats

With a misconfigured ServiceNow platform, it’s hard to know whether you’re monitoring the right information.

You can’t get the right data on the biggest dangers to your company’s IT infrastructure without a thorough analysis to narrow down valid points of concern.

Cask artisan engineers configure the ServiceNow Threat Intelligence application to help you remain vigilant and informed of zero-day threats, persistent threats, and other security exploits employed by hackers. After completing an end-to-end system analysis, we design business rules to protect against intrusion.

Cask helps your company gain
  • Current information on the company’s threat volume
  • Knowledge of specific bad actors and targeted threat campaigns
  • Informed company leadership and users, knowledgeable about best practices
  • Understanding by employees of how their actions impact company security

Monitor the correct information

Challenge #2: Getting a Complete Picture

Once you know where your biggest concerns are, pull them all together. Too many data feeds can lead to confusion. Even the best configurations can overwhelm you with too much information and no clear plan through it.

Cask helps you use ServiceNow Threat Intelligence to stream information about threats from all areas of your organization into one central location. The information turns into actionable profiles that analysts can share with other security professionals. You’ll be able to stay current with standard indicators of compromise (IoC) to plan effective counter strategies.

Examples of Indicators of Compromise (IoC) you can monitor with ServiceNow:
  • IP Addresses
  • Domain names
  • URLs
  • Email addresses, attachments, links
  • File hashes
  • DLLs
  • Registry keys
  • File names

Info about threats in one location

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Challenge #3: Inconsistent System and Performance Reviews

So your feeds are set up correctly and you’re enjoying lovely dashboard views of immediate threats to your business.

Now you need to ensure that information remains accurate. Have you cataloged every vulnerable point in your system? If you rely on information previously housed in individual data stores or spreadsheets to design your rules, you may miss a spot.

Cask looks at available information from internal sources:
  • Log files (From firewall, DNS, events, etc.)
  • Alerts
  • Incident response reports
  • Previously-discovered malware
Cask examines outside data resources for threats:
  • Public reputation
  • Block lists
  • External threat intelligence feeds
  • PDFs or Word documents
  • Vendor information

Ensure threat information remains accurate

Challenge #4: Effectively Sharing and Cataloging Information

Maybe you’re wise to threats from various bad actors in the past.

Just be ready to adjust your security strategies because hacker tactics can change quickly. To prepare, your organization must be able to share threat information across different business areas.

Malware found in one business area might not be shared with or recognized by another unit using a different security method. That second department could suffer a similar attack needlessly just because they weren’t warned.

Cask helps you use ServiceNow Threat Intelligence to share information between departments, so no one gets left in the dark about hacker tactics. We set up ServiceNow rules to identify TTP changes and turn your defensive posture into a strong offense.

Security Case Tracking

Gain insight into the nature of threats your company faces by combining ServiceNow Security Case Tracking functionality with Threat Intelligence tools, allowing security analysts in different areas to focus on relevant threats.

Forecast changes in threat tactics

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