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CMDB MasterClass Series: Part 1

Part 1: Unlock the Power of Your Platform with a Strong CMDB Foundation

June 26, 2024

Welcome to our CMDB Foundations webinar, the cornerstone of our educational series designed to help you master your CMDB and unlock the value of your ServiceNow platform. Join us to understand why a well-structured, well-governed CMDB is essential for leveraging the full potential of your platform and how you can create, remediate and maintain your own CMDB as a source of trusted data.

Why Listen?

Educational Insights: Learn the fundamentals of CMDB, how it integrates with other ServiceNow product areas, enhancing your overall platform capabilities, and how to get your CMDB in shape.

Industry + Real World Expertise: Gain insights from our seasoned experts who will share best practices and real-world applications of CMDB, as well as from CMDB owners at some of the largest organizations using ServiceNow.

Community Engagement: Connect with peers, share experiences, and expand your professional network.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understanding CMDB Basics: Get a comprehensive introduction to CMDB, its components, and its importance.
  • Unlocking Value in ServiceNow: Explore how CMDB interacts with ITSM, ITAM, Security & Risk, and more to drive value.
  • Improving CMDB Health: Learn about the process, people, technology and data elements that contribute to a healthy CMDB.
Meet the Experts:
  • Chris Padmore, Solutions Architect, Cask
  • Christine Morris, Senior Director, Platform & Service Management, Cask
  • Madan Raja, Delivery Director, Cask
Ready to Transform Your CMDB?

This foundational webinar and take the first step towards optimizing your CMDB for greater platform success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and drive meaningful change within your organization.

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