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Cask empowers you to innovate with the speed and agility modern organizations demand to solve complex business challenges with ServiceNow.

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Use our Cask Create App Assessor to find out how complex your use case is and how quickly you can get to business outcomes.

Application development offerings

Leverage Cask Create to build world-class apps that deliver value and delight your users.

Our Cask Create Simple App offering is designed to streamline and digitize work fast, focusing on rapid development of user-friendly applications on the ServiceNow platform. Simple App is a great starting point for organizations beginning their journey in application development on the ServiceNow platform.
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The Cask Create Complex App offering is tailored for handling more intricate and sophisticated business needs. It focuses on the development of advanced applications on the ServiceNow platform, equipped to tackle complex processes and integrations. This tier is ideal for organizations requiring robust functionalities and customization to address their unique challenges.
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Cask Create Multi-App is designed for organizations needing to develop and manage multiple, interconnected applications on the ServiceNow platform. This offering is ideal for those requiring a diverse set of applications to address various aspects of their operations. It leverages our core, rapid Cask Create methodology while allowing for the simultaneous creation and integration of multiple apps, enhancing overall business efficiency and agility.
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The Cask Create App Factory offering is designed for continuous and comprehensive app development on the ServiceNow platform. It's ideal for organizations looking to foster a dynamic environment of innovation and agility in application development. This offering supports the creation of a multitude of applications, catering to a wide range of business needs and processes, and ensures that organizations stay at the forefront of digital transformation through constant app development and refinement.
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Our team of design and development experts will guide you on best practices, ensuring solutions that are durable, easy to manage, and meet industry standards of excellence.

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Leverage Creator Workflows, App Engine, Automation Engine, Integration Hub, and more to build tailored solutions, designed to be secure, intuitive, and scalable.

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Our collaborative application development process gives you the control to monitor and refine your solution throughout. We help identify every aspect for consideration, from existing solutions to user acceptance, as we work with your team every step of the way.

Go further faster with Cask application and product development capabilities

Throughout the application lifecycle, we work with you to deliver anything–from a simple app, to an app factory, to complex enterprise systems on target with your business requirements.

Build the solution you need to get the business outcomes you're looking for. We've helped clients achieve:


increase in employee and customer satisfaction scores


cost savings related to process automation


Increase in operational efficiency
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“The City is doing things that we have not done in the past, so it’s really an unknown time. We feel like we’re better prepared to be able to meet whatever demands may come because we have Cask as a partner.”


Associated resources

Applications built for clients like you

From simple workflows to enterprise services, Cask works with our clients to deliver value-added capabilities for your business.

Financial management

The AP allows users to submit requests for the obligation and payment of funds, as well as modifications of both. It was built to match the needs of a specific customer payment team, then iteratively grown to meet the needs of additional payment teams.

The AR allows users to submit and track accounts receivable documents. AR contains reimbursable agreement and other types of revenue requests. Users upload their reimbursable service requests to AR and the accounts receivable team utilize the software to retrieve the information and track the workflow for the request. Only authorized staff and vendors have access to the AR through specific roles.

This application provides funding services for a federal government customer who has a requirement to use the Funding Services for Commodity Credit Corporation Core. The Funding Services for Commodity Credit Corporation Core is a GSA-approved standard general ledger accounting commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) package and Federal Financial System (FFS). The application is implemented by the customer to provide one system for appropriated fund/administrative accounting and for Commodity Credit Corporation accounting. It utilizes data from several other accounting applications as well as provides data to applications. This ease-of-use utility has sped adoption of the Funding Services for Commodity Credit Corporation Core for the customer.

Custom dashboard that displays financial obligations within the customer Business Center.

• Funding Services

• Grants and Agreements

• Contract Management

Resource management

Action Registry supports and maintains customer events. The customer’s critical mission support areas have recurring data calls and reporting requirements that occur at approximately the same time each year. This application gives the mission support areas advance reminders to help them to plan for and manage these requirements, eliminate short notice assignments, and manage employee resource assignments.

The Directives Management aims to support the customer-wide directives process for creation of new directives and updates to existing directives. DM captures the lifecycle events of the directives form, specifically in regard to: draft, obtain concurrence, clear, and sign directives to bring transparency and easier organization; edit directives to ensure a unified style and voice. Ability to publish directives to support broad awareness; archive directives to enable alignment with customer retention policy; maintain and monitor directives to have accurate inventories; and structure-wide directives for a consistent look. DM contains no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and only contains Directives (Notices, Policies, Handbooks, General Manual, Manuals, National Bulletins, National Instructions, Technical Notes, User Guides, Tech Releases and Circulars).

Management of Electronic Leases is a scoped application developed for rental property management, to provide efficiency and transparency of the lease management process. MOEL release 1.0 provides with the following capabilities:

  • Centralized Lease File Repository
  • New Lease Record Creation
  • Customer Requirements request form
  • Project Management Tracking tool—Lease Milestones
  • Knowledge Base Documentation—Centralized Policies, Guidance, Manuals, Lease Templates and Articles

The system flow consists of the following use cases:

  • Closed Lease Documentation Upload
  • Existing Lease Lookup Page
  • Project Management Tool for management of procurement of new leases.
  • Space Request Form for External Customers
  • Knowledge Base documentation

Manage Events is an online portal that combines three request forms into one and allows the customer to submit requests for Event Meeting Space and Sleep Room needs. It captures all requirements needed in order for a Coordinator to begin processing a request. It also allows the Event Coordinator to specify the stage the request is in, allows managers to track first contact with the customer, and provides e-mail notifications throughout the request process.

The Manage Reservations system is an online portal that provides customers with the ability to submit reservation requests for exhibits that are used for various events. The system includes an online catalog to browse, search and filter all of the available exhibits. It provides descriptions and images for each exhibit and provides an availability checker. The customer can choose exhibits they would like to request, fill out a request form and submit. The system provides the ability for admins to maintain the catalog of items and manage reservation requests, and it provides notifications throughout the request and reservation lifecycle.

Document Review and Tracking provides first reviews and higher-level reviews for related initiatives. The reviews provide integrity and accountability of various initiatives, projects and/or programs.

A very large ($50B+ yearly revenue) multinational technology corporation decided to spin-off a significant services division as a new independent company. This was complicated by the fact that the two entities would continue to have a very involved operational professional relationship. It was imperative that the new company include the instantiation of a capability to automate the request from their now customer. Cask leveraged out-of-box (OOB) Resource Management (RM) and Customer Service Management (CSM) capabilities to give the new company the capability to automate a business process currently being run in Excel to manage resources for their customer. By extending the CSM framework, Cask was able to leverage the OOB security model for internal and external users to grant access to a portal where the customer can request new resources, promotion of existing resources, authorize overtime (OT) and on-call time for resources and provide an approval and auditing framework accessible by both internal management and their customer. Additionally, Cask built a reconciliation tool that will identify missed billing opportunities and eliminate improper billing to the customer for unauthorized OT and standby time. Reconciliation is run after each week’s time is reported and reconciliation tasks are then assigned to any manager who has potential findings against planned vs. actual for their direct reports.

The Real Estate Operations capability is responsible for documenting all parcels of land, buildings within those parcels, and any other facility under the jurisdiction of the customer. The customer provides the real estate operations system for its numerous constituents to request and schedule land, buildings, or other assets for the purpose of a multitude of uses. Many constituent requests are in support of uses that must be extensively reviewed by Subject Matter Experts for impacts to standard public health and safety measures and general facilities management practices among other constraints prior to being authorized. The system outputs complex PDF documents that are then stored in the customer’s official system of record.

Custom dashboard that displays financial obligations within the customer Business Center.

A customer required a capability that could manage and tie resources of multiple partners and contractors to manage, mobilize, and track emergency response resources in one easy-to-use platform. Cask conducted user research across the country, sitting side-by-side with dispatchers and partners to employ a user-centric approach. This direct end-user interaction reduced the number of handoffs between the person identifying the issue/need and the development team working to resolve it. This collaboration allowed the team to synthesize the user research to identify issues and enhancements in order to develop, test, and deploy the fixes and enhancements quickly in an Agile DevOps cycle of continuous exploration, integration, and deployment. Furthermore, Cask leveraged design thinking for customer-centered design by analyzing user research and collaborating with users to develop personas and empathy maps, as well as conduct usability testing. The resulting tool has been in service for over 3 years, being continuously refined and optimized.

The Manage Vehicles application allows users to make reservations for vehicles, modify reservations, return vehicles, and report accidents. In addition, fleet managers, as well as senior leadership can track vehicle utilization and view other reports related to vehicle management.

• Task Management Tool

Personnel management

The Contractor Onboarding (CO) process encompasses all of the processes and communications that are involved in hiring/onboarding a new contractor. Before the user can officially bring a prospect on board, the user must ensure that the employee is suitable for the position and is ready to begin working upon arrival. The CO generates a username and password and sends these to the prospect via email. The applicant will use this username and password to access their account, complete the documents in the Welcome Package/Investigation Pack, then acquire from the Onboarding POC all accounts and investigative reporting necessary to obtain equipment, network and building access, and complete onboarding for a contractor.

New Hire Automation is a capability built for a federal government customer that provides the ability to retrieve applicant resumes from USA Staffing and attach them to the appropriate applicant records in ServiceNow. It reads data from a Cognos report (most likely an Excel file) and uses that information to look up candidates in the USA Staffing website and downloads resumes (one-by-one). Resumes are downloaded from the USA Staffing (PDF) and uploaded to HireNow (PDF). This application is manually run daily by HR Staffing Specialists (Transitory connection) using attended automation.

The Track New Hires capability helps initiate and create hiring requests directly in the application. Along with the ability to create requests, an approval process has also been incorporated. Track New Hires 2.0 tracks hiring requests from the initial recruitment request to the selectee processing. Track New Hires follows each hiring request from start to finish. This includes onboarding timelines and processes, helping to ensure the Human Resources team achieves their hiring timeline target. Track New Hires also includes:

  • Personnel security: Personnel Security is an online application that follows the security clearance process for all applicants. It includes the following capabilities: (a) ability to track applicants through the security process, (b) ability to assign HR specialists and track progress, (c) robust reporting capabilities for HR leadership and HR specialists, and (d) robust dashboards for HR leadership and HR specialists.
  • Position Description (PD) Library: The Position Description Library provides random sampling of Position Descriptions that have not been reviewed within the last 5 years. Once randomly selected, the PD’s are assigned to the HR team so they can assign the PD’s to HR specialists or supervisors to perform the built-in review questionnaire.

Track Volunteers provides managers the ability to track volunteer hours by individual, by group and by location.

SN Platform management

ServiceNow Health Scans should be a platform tool exercised regularly by every ServiceNow Platform Owner. HealthScan Management is a capability to import, track, and remediate findings provided by the ServiceNow Architects from the platform health scans. The application includes interactive dashboards and reports to provide real-time status updates to key program leadership.

NowPortal is a one-stop shop portal, designed with the user in mind, to
encourage self-service, get business center support, and initiate/track work across a variety of organization-wide services. NowPortal serves as the central location for users to access not only the Applications built on ServiceNow but also to provide them access to various reference materials/links to other systems outside of ServiceNow. It is a consolidated portal for all applications on the ServiceNow cloud platform.

Supply chain

• Resource Ordering
• Supply Readiness Monitoring
• Re-Supply

Asset management

• Fleet & Vehicle Management


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