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Utility provider optimizes infrastructure with ITOM/CMDB overhaul


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Powering progress with community focus

The client stands as a beacon of essential services, providing vital water, gas, electricity, and wastewater services to a vibrant community that relies on its operational excellence and commitment to sustainability. With a mission deeply rooted in delivering reliable utility solutions, the client is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its customers through innovative and efficient service delivery. Recognizing the critical role of advanced IT infrastructure in achieving these goals, the client embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul its IT operations and configuration management, setting a new standard for utility service excellence in the digital age.


Battling a legacy of complexity

In the bustling municipality, the utility sector is a critical backbone, powering homes, businesses, and the very lifeblood of the community. However, beneath the surface of the client’s operations lurked a complex web of IT challenges. The organization had long been navigating the turbulent waters of a ServiceNow environment burdened by extensive technical debt and limited by inherited configurations that stifled innovation and efficiency. This legacy system was a fortress of outdated processes and patchwork solutions, a barrier to the smooth operation and growth essential to meet the evolving demands of their service areas.

Struggling under the weight of this outdated IT infrastructure, the client recognized the urgent need for a transformative shift. The existing ServiceNow platform, while once cutting-edge, had become a patchwork of customizations and workarounds. This not only made routine IT operations cumbersome but also hindered the client’s ability to leverage new, out-of-the-box functionalities that promised more streamlined workflows and improved service delivery.


A partnership for progress

Together, the client and Cask embarked on a journey to not just update but fundamentally transform the client’s IT operations management (ITOM) and configuration management database (CMDB) practices. This wasn’t merely an upgrade: It was a re-envisioning of the client’s IT infrastructure for the future.

Cask’s approach was methodical and holistic, focusing on several key areas to overhaul the client’s ITOM/CMDB operations:

  • Agentless Discovery: Implementing a more efficient, less intrusive way to identify and manage IT assets
  • Service Graph Connector Integration: Leveraging ServiceNow’s powerful connectors to enhance data accuracy and visibility
  • Outbound Integration Support: Ensuring seamless data exchange between ServiceNow and third-party applications like LeanIX
  • Data Load and Migration: Meticulously migrating existing data to the new platform, ensuring integrity and accessibility

This strategic redevelopment was anchored in Cask’s proven Cask Value Delivery Methodology (CVDM), blending ServiceNow’s implementation framework with Cask’s rich project experience. The result was a bespoke solution tailored to the client’s present needs and designed to scale for future growth.


Crafting a collaborative journey

At the heart of this transformative project was a partnership built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared vision for excellence. Cask served not as a mere vendor but as a strategic ally to the client, guiding the utility through each phase of the project with expertise and empathy. This collaboration was marked by the following:

  • Joint planning and strategy sessions that ensured alignment of goals and expectations
  • Regular, transparent communication that kept all stakeholders informed and engaged
  • A commitment to knowledge transfer, ensuring the client’s team was equipped to manage and optimize the new system post-deployment

Cask’s dedication to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by the client underscored every aspect of the project. From the initial discovery phase through to the final go-live, Cask was there, not just as a service provider, but as a true partner in progress.

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