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Cask makes it possible to increase service while maintaining compliance, minimizing risk, and reducing expenses

IT asset management (ITAM), and IT inventory management is the process of administering a variety of business functions and assets (like hardware and software) to support decision making and lifecycle management in the IT environment. Effective ITAM is vital to an organization’s overall strategy because it saves resources and minimizes risks by providing complete and accurate data when it comes time to advance the IT portfolio infrastructure. Unfortunately, the importance of effective IT asset management isn’t usually realized until it’s too late—after a failed compliance audit or a service outage. This is because businesses often lack the resources and knowledge to plan, implement, and execute a pragmatic approach that includes the four primary stages of the ITAM lifecycle: procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement.

The many benefits of partnering with Cask to level up your ITAM efforts include:
  • Increased asset visibility, tracking, and lifecycle management
  • Increased asset and fleet availability, reliability, and lifespan
  • Ensured compliance with required maintenance
  • Improved warranty cost recovery
  • Reduced maintenance costs and asset failures
  • Decreased inventory duration and control cost using automation
  • Real-time information with reporting and dashboards
  • Simplified request, incident, and ordering with graphical catalogs
  • Increased productivity with easy-to-use, task-focused mobile UX
  • Money saved through reduced labor, inventory, and material costs

SAM Shift is the first ServiceNow import solution with automated data mapping.

Understand what you have

How to effectively take stock of IT assets to boost ROI and value perception.

In the IT world, many enterprise organizations have millions of dollars of equipment that ideally should be managed from the time it’s ordered it to the time it’s disposed of. Over this lifecycle, the best way to mitigate risk and increase impact is to use ServiceNow’s service mapping and discovery tools to identify and define each asset, understand its cost, assign accountability for managing its warranties and care, monitor what stage of life it’s in, and more.

Cask offers individually developed, scope-tailored service and application discovery and mapping programs to help you better understand your IT assets and maximize your investments and success. Our outside-in methodology marries the technical aspects of IT services with a market-based approach to enable end-to-end services without losing sight of the customer experience.

By developing a service catalog that aligns with a service portfolio, Cask empowers businesses to map all of their IT services and assets to business goals to improve both the ROI and the value perception of IT resources.

Improve your Business ROI with Cask

Boost ROI and Value perception

Financial Asset Management

In order to understand the return on an investment, one has to understand what the investment costs. This is where financial asset management becomes important.

It’s not as simple as jotting down the price when you purchase a new IT asset. In addition to the sticker price, you want to keep track of the depreciation, the cost of maintenance, how its cost is being covered, and so on.

When it comes to financial asset management, at Cask, we start by giving stakeholders complete transparency into IT costs and ROI by implementing ServiceNow cost models that sync with the rest of the ServiceNow environment to provide insight into the business’ consumption of IT. We then help IT departments rebrand, market, and “sell” their technology offerings as business services. This shift in thinking helps the IT organization gain a seat at the table when it comes time to plan the yearly budget.

As independent advisors, we’re invested in helping you make the best financial asset management calls. Partner with Cask and get a small team of big-picture thinkers to help you set up financial asset management that doesn’t only protect your security and your budget but connects IT tasks to business services to more effectively illustrate the positive impact of IT.

Financial Asset Management

Understand what the Investment costs

Software Asset Management

Keep track of your software assets from ServiceNow’s easy-to-understand platform.

More and more, in the world of IT asset management it’s not all about the hardware. Software assets can comprise as much as 20 percent of an IT budget. And as IT organizations permit the use of more Cloud-based and other types of software; managing licensing, permissions, updates, security patches, deployment, and more is only getting more complex.

However, ServiceNow enables end‑to‑end software asset management on a single, easy-to-use platform so you can reduce risk, optimize your software to align with business goals, and take control of your assets instead of letting them control your time and your budget.

As one of ServiceNow’s recognized partners, Cask knows the ins and outs and is ready to configure the software asset management solution that’s just right for you.

Software Asset Management

Complex software, easy-to-understand platform.

End-to-end IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Keep up with demand and kick risk to the curb with complete ITAM lifecycle management from Cask.

The increasing cost of IT asset capital combined with growing complexity means operational and financial risks are at an all-time high. The pressure is on from both stakeholders and regulatory bodies to think strategically and take an integrated approach when it comes to IT asset management.

When businesses employ an end-to-end ITAM lifecycle management approach, they can better prepare for long-term competitiveness and steel themselves again upsets and radical changes in the business environment.

With Cask on board, an enterprise can extend its IT asset management efforts all the way to the “left” for full lifecycle management that starts with preparing before assets even arrive at your facility. This includes everything from pre-purchase planning to receiving, testing, and deployment management.

With follow-on services like financial management and service mapping, Cask is with you on the path to successful ITAM lifecycle management every step of the way—from procurement through deployment, maintenance, and retirement.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

From pre-purchase planning to deployment management

Field Service Management

Send the right people and equipment to complete the work the first time. 

Connect field service with other teams and tools to quickly respond to and prevent issues. Ensure the safety and well-being of both customers and workers, all while boosting customer, technician, and dispatcher satisfaction with efficient management.

Improve the customer, technician, and dispatcher experience and take care of issues before they even happen.

  • Minimize customer impact by identifying issues quickly via reporting, dashboards, and trends
  • Help technicians work faster with complete visibility in an intuitive mobile app
  • Give dispatchers real-time visibility into technician locations and task progress

Field Service Management

Improve Field Service on the NOW™ Platform

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