IT Asset Management

Understand the full lifecycle of all assets

The right team with the right skill sets will help you make informed decisions about how you spend your money and protect your organization from risk.

ITAM Offerings

Optimize your ITAM with these tried-and-true practice innovations from Cask.

Cask's Strategic Goals

SAM Shift

Accelerate your journey to full technology asset lifecycle management with the rapid migration and sunset of outdated tools. A “Built with Now” Offering.

HAM Expert Assist

Identify the root cause of issues impacting inventory accuracy, reduce the risk of wasted spend, and access the HAM Enhanced Dashboard.

SAM Expert Assist

Align your CMDB and asset management teams to achieve optimal time to value, reduce the risk of unwanted licenses, and access the SAM Enhanced Dashboard.

HAM and SAM Essentials

Unlock the full potential of your asset management program with out-of-the-box essentials and reliable implementations with emphasis on the enablement of your teams. Day-to-day support from our team of experts ensures that you can maintain a successful program and support your future initiatives.


Hi. We’re Cask.

Our team of highly experienced practitioners, certified architects, engineers, and process experts focuses on the development of your ITAM processes, delivering powerful end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Realize Real Savings by Managing Your Hardware and Software Assets with a Partner You Can Trust

Tap into Deep Asset Management Experience

The pace of digital transformation is growing exponentially. You need a team that has deep expertise in ITAM and can adapt at the rapid rate of transformation. We have real-world and firsthand experience managing large asset management teams and inventories across corporate and government environments.

Realize the Benefits of a “People, Process, Then Technology” Approach

Because of our depth of experience, we know the best approach to ITAM: Focus on the process and people first, then apply technology appropriately to deliver solutions that mature at the desired rate of transformation.

Demonstrate Value with Quick, Substantial Wins

We make it easy to demonstrate the benefits of an effective asset management program through quick wins and techniques. From reducing compliance risk and optimizing costs to empowering your team with greater decision-making capabilities, our ITAM offerings provide the rapid time to value you need to drive digital transformation.

savings in the first year of implementing SAM (Gartner)
Roughly 21% of IT budgets are for hardware (Source: IDC ITC Global forecasting)
  • Proactively manage hardware and software lifecycles to optimize savings and reduce risk
  • Achieve compliance with relevant standards and regulations
  • Improve end user experience

KPI Achievement in 30 Days

Organizations Like Yours Are Transforming Their ITAM

“Cask helped us ensure we were following best practices. They reaffirmed that we were not only on the right track but also layering all of ServiceNow’s powerful benefits on top of each other to find even more success.”

— Erick Lao
Director of Customer Engagement and Workspace
Maricopa County Office of Enterprise Technology


Level-up Your Asset Management

ITAM is for all organizations to adopt and champion to be good stewards of their budget, data, and security of the organization.

Are you ready to be the ITAM champion for your organization?

Unlock the potential of comprehensive asset management. Our experienced ITAM team can strategize tailored solutions for your ITAM needs.