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County cuts costs and raises visibility, using ServiceNow SAM


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ITAM: Software Asset Management


Pioneering technology solutions for the largest county in its state

The client is tasked with providing innovative and secure IT services for the largest county in its state, supporting over 13,000 employees across more than 30 departments. Dedicated to empowering county operations and enhancing resident services, the client leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient government functions. Its recent initiative to overhaul software asset management demonstrates its commitment to optimizing IT infrastructure and reducing operational overhead.

“The team from Cask was helpful with all areas of the implementation. They provided excellent guidance and the deliverables were well defined.”

–Client Representative


Overcoming fragmented software management

The client faced significant challenges in managing its software assets efficiently. Legacy systems and manual processes led to a fragmented view of software licenses, which hindered effective decision-making and risk management. This lack of visibility and control over software assets was not only costly but also posed compliance risks.

Before Cask’s involvement, as noted in its prior engagement, the client struggled with reactionary measures and lacked strategic visibility, especially during the implementation of ServiceNow IT Service Management and CMDB.


Implementing a holistic service management platform

The client and Cask partnered to develop a comprehensive ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) Pro solution that streamlined and automated the management of software licenses. The approach was meticulously planned, beginning with an integration of existing SCCM data into ServiceNow’s configuration management database (CMDB) to establish a reliable system of record. Key components of the solution included the following:

  • Software asset management activation: Enabling foundational SAM lifecycle capabilities in ServiceNow
  • SaaS integrations for Microsoft and Adobe: Automating the import of entitlement data, simplifying license management
  • Contract management workspace: Creating a standardized approach for managing software contracts, making it easier for OET personnel to manage the software lifecycle

The impact was immediate and significant for this local-government client, providing it with enhanced visibility into its software assets, which in turn improved compliance and reduced costs associated with unused or underutilized licenses.


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Building on a foundation of trust

Cask’s relationship with the client extends beyond the SAM Pro project. This partnership is rooted in a history of collaboration and mutual trust, highlighted by past successes in implementing critical IT infrastructure enhancements. Transparency and ongoing dialogue have strengthened this partnership, enabling Cask to effectively understand and address the client’s unique needs. This project was another step in a journey of continuous improvement and strategic IT management, reinforcing Cask’s role as a trusted advisor rather than just a service provider.

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