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ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) improves customer service and drives growth by providing a seamless but powerful digital experience that promotes self-service, cuts costs, and boosts brand loyalty.

At Cask, we know customer service. We help our clients choose a comprehensive, all-in-one service platform that meets their customers’ demands. We eliminate the hassles of juggling multiple programs to get the job done.

Add These Features and More

Our comprehensive solutions suite helps you deliver a more personalized customer service experience for both your team and your customers through the following features:

Customer Service Center Optimization

Improve your workforce quality, empower agents, and provide a top-notch customer experience.

All customer service centers need to modernize their platforms to match ever-rising expectations. While all businesses strive to provide high-quality customer service, not everyone can compete in today’s fast-paced world.

The widespread adoption of smart devices allows people to stay in touch 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from almost anywhere worldwide. Near constant connectivity means your customers demand more – and they demand it faster than ever.

That’s why it’s critical that your business create a high-grade experience that connects your customers with your brand through a seamless, quick, and user-friendly interface.

Customer Service Portal

Create the right environment for customers to manage their relationship with your business.

Traditional support channels like phone and email are still helpful in select situations. Still, they don’t always provide customers with the quick answers they’ve grown to expect.

Customers expect immediate answers to questions regarding anything from product prices to policies. As your client base expands, so do the number of inquiries, requests, and complaints, as well as the time your agents spend addressing repetitive requests and performing unnecessary tasks.

More customers and more help desk responsibilities mean that customer service portals are becoming an increasingly significant customer care touchpoint. They allow businesses to put the power of self-service in their customers’ hands to obtain fast access to information whenever they need it.

Customer Service Knowledge

Provide your workforce with the customer information they need to do their job better and easier.

In a service-driven society where consumers have questions at any hour of the day or night, good customer service knowledge is paramount. It equips your representatives with the insight they need to provide outstanding care faster and at less expense to your bottom line.

Companies that employ customer service knowledge to support their customer-facing teams boost customer satisfaction and trust and foster a positive working environment for their employees.

Customer Service Case Management

Design the best possible process for handling, routing, and resolving customer questions and complaints.

You need solutions that guarantee your service representatives handle customer inquiries and concerns quickly and accurately, and tracking customer conversations is where you start. It is absolutely critical for front and back-office service representatives to know who had spoken to the customer, when those communications took place, what solutions your team offered, and the service ticket status.

Your legacy case management systems can take on repeatable and predictable processes like account inquiries or service change requests.  However, less predictable activities, such as complaints and unforeseen product glitches, necessitate a more unstructured, supporting system approach, where help desks require analytical and diagnostic abilities provided by our innovative solutions.

Customer Service End-to-End Experience

Create a complete experience that lets customers know you care.

Sales and marketing can help drive revenue, but a positive customer service experience will keep your customers coming back and bringing more prospects with them. The end-to-end customer journey can make or break your business, and providing the right one is critical to long-term customer retention.

Let’s Innovate

Start your transformation today.

The Ultimate ServiceNow CSM Learning Center


We understand that digitally transforming your customer service approach is a colossal step, and you might need help seeing the process through.

Cask’s experienced team of consultants and designers has an ultimate shared goal: developing a solution tailored to your business and providing ongoing support as your organization grows.

Request a quote today and discover how our ServiceNow CSM solutions can help you design and execute a customer service management process that enhances the customer experience and boosts brand loyalty.

State & Local Government

Modernize legacy processes and systems for State & Local Governments to improve the quality of life for their citizens and their employees that increases engagement improves efficiencies and reduces costs.

It starts with the right technology professional partners. We at Cask will not only help you by managing your IT infrastructure for you. More importantly, we’ll provide support and education for ServiceNow implementation and management.

Support mission, modernization & automation

Gain and Retain Customers With Our Implementation Process

Why do customers choose you over your competitors? Usually it’s because they believe that using your products or services will make their lives better by providing an answer to a problem.

The concept of customer success works in a similar manner: anticipate your clients’ needs by providing solutions before issues arise. That’s where Cask comes in.

Our comprehensive approach to customer service has the pleasing effect of increasing customer satisfaction while decreasing the cost of doing so.

Our advisors work with you at each step of your ServiceNow CSM implementation to help:

  • Identify the right sequence and approach for your platform implementation
  • Map out your business objectives and the smoothest path to reach them
  • Guide you along your implementation roadmap
  • Increase ROI and boost your brand’s value
  • Deploy solutions into your existing infrastructure

With Cask as your ServiceNow implementation partner, you get a team that collaborates with your business’ system administrators and technical staff to ensure your ServiceNow platform works seamlessly with your other applications.

Your current CSM platform has security settings. To form a hybrid system that works without a hitch, Cask analyzes your current platform’s security settings, allowing us to identify and address performance issues before implementing your new system.

Cask ServiceNow specialists, consisting of operational planners, dedicated developers, and award-winning designers, use their expertise to craft a successful deployment plan and boost adoption rates among your users.

By working with Cask and using ServiceNow for your CSM platform, you’ll be able to provide your customers with something beyond traditional customer service solutions. The result is more efficient problem-solving, with fires put out before they even begin, while customer satisfaction and retention rates continue to rise. Resolve complex, day-to-day issues and identify lasting solutions today with Cask.

ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management

The right team, with the right resolution

The Benefits of a Cask CSM Solution

The efficacy of your customer service can make or break your business. Cask helps your business leverage the ServiceNow platform to ensure that you’re on the right track, keeping your customers happy without sacrificing the hard work of your staff. Our CSM solutions bring valuable benefits to your business:

Customer Service as a Team Sport
As competition among brands grows tighter than ever, customer service becomes an excellent differentiator. Great customer service is achieved not by managing customers at individual interactions, but by creating a culture of customer service that connects every aspect of the business and helps your enterprise diagnose, fix, and prevent issues collectively.

With CSM from the ServiceNow platform, you get visual task boards, workflow, and automated problem-solving. The result is increased customer satisfaction and reduced case volume.

End-to-End Customer Service
Our team-sport approach makes it possible to handle customer service issues in ways that address the root cause. When customer service is connected to other areas, such as engineering, operations, and legal services, it becomes easier to find resolutions to issues.

Consequently, businesses are able to permanently fix or prevent such issues from cropping up again in the future.

Delivery of Proactive Service
Cask CSM solutions let you increase customer satisfaction by proactively fixing problems in your system. The ServiceNow platform provides real-time visibility into the operational health of your customer systems. This means that as you find and fix problems, you also drive continuous improvements in your customer service tools, products, and processes.

For example, performance analytics tools let you identify recurrent problems. Responses to issues can then be improved, such as automating resolutions, freeing up time, and driving continuous improvement.

Engage Customers on Their Channel of Choice
Here’s something to keep in mind when choosing Cask CSM solutions: Your customers want swift solutions based on their schedule—not yours. We can help you offer a more personalized online service experience with an out-of-the-box customer service portal from ServiceNow. Users can reach you through their preferred channel—whether by telephone, e-mail, or chat—making you accessible on a platform convenient to your customers.

At Cask, we partner with ServiceNow to deliver functionality that empowers customer service agents to tailor messaging for specific personas, customers, and users.

By uniting all of this information in one easy-to-access portal, ServiceNow empowers customer service teams to provide personalized engagement and take educated steps to quickly resolve requests.

Upgrade your customer service today and watch your business grow almost effortlessly. Talk to your Cask advisor about implementing our Customer Service Management solutions.

Benefits of a Cask CSM Solution

One chance to engage with customers


Cask CSM solutions let you increase customer satisfaction by proactively fixing problems in your system. The ServiceNow platform provides real-time visibility into the operational health of your customer systems. This means that as you find and fix problems, you also drive continuous improvements in your customer service tools, products, and processes.

Why Choose Cask?

In a word: Service. Your customers always have questions, complaints, or suggestions that need to be addressed for you to keep them engaged and satisfied. In fact, nearly half of American customers say their loyalty to a company will end in the event of a subpar experience. What’s more, research indicates that U.S. businesses collectively lose $62 billion due to customers experiencing bad support services.

Given all that, you may be wondering whether you’re doing enough to meet your customers’ expectations? If you’re not sure, talk to someone at Cask. We serve as your strategic business partner to help you maximize the customer service management capabilities of your ServiceNow platform, and keep your brand at the top of its customer service game.

Cask specialists will:

  • Study your business process to identify areas for improvement
  • Collaborate with you to manage the success of your ServiceNow platform
  • Create a plan to integrate your new and old platforms
  • Monitor the performance of your new CSM platform and provide support and consistent maintenance

By optimizing the way your customers experience your services, you create a better customer experience, which also drives significant improvement to your bottom line. Work with Cask and ServiceNow today to start making improvements.

Customer Service Case Management

We serve as your strategic business partner

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