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Is your customer experience designed for the people you serve?

We create extraordinary experiences for both residents and government employees.

You offer vital services to your residents. But outdated processes and systems become a roadblock to engaging the people who matter the most.

Even as other agencies are digitally transforming, you are still facing these customer-operations challenges:

Governments want to be accountable to transform customer experience and build constituent trust in government. But many government services and operations are siloed, inefficient, and cumbersome.

Lacking a seamless experience

The digital journey is overwhelming and you don’t see a clear starting point. Service delivery is inconsistent, communication is clumsy, and service resolution is perpetually delayed.

Evolving service expectations

Constituents are frustrated without a consumer-grade experience. They expect self-service options 24/7 access from anywhere with a modern portal that meets them where they are.

Costly and inefficient processes

Current work is too manual and costly to analyze and support. The experience is disjointed for agents and constituents, and digitization seems daunting.

Government agencies lack digitization

The cost of legacy systems is daunting, but the greater cost is the inability to modernize, scale and improve resident services.


Hi! We’re Cask

With decades of offering solutions for the public sector, we know government. Our team has real-world experience, and understands how to advance the digital transformation of your agency.

government solution center


of constituents want to access services from a computer


of constituents want personalized digital experiences


of government agencies want to become digital organizations
Make it easy for constituents to engage with you, using Government Solution Center

Offer consumer-grade experiences

  • Enable constituents to view their profile, request services, report issues, track services received, and more.
  • Simplify making requests for your constituents.
  • Provide easy access to virtual agent chat, service catalog, notifications, and more.

Resolve your constituents' issues faster

A single landing page for government service agents to work from.

View and manage constituent profile, household, services received, and more.
Create cases on behalf of constituents via phone, chat, and other interactions.
Serve constituents who lack internet access.

Monitor and improve service delivery

Analytics and insights for government services.

Provide managers transparency into delivery of constituent services.
Mine data to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.
Improve consistency and quality through visibility.
Leverage Process Automation Designer to develop unique workflows that solve complex processes

Do more faster with automated work

  • Reduce the need for highly trained specialists to work complex processes.
  • Support specific request types with tailored workflows, such as licensing requests, permits, and more.
  • Capture necessary info specific to each case type/workflow.

Meet your constituents in their language

Utilize dynamic real time translations to enable agents to chat live with constituents.

Support for most i18n languages—Spanish, French, Korean, and more
Dynamic, real-time translations enable chat for agents and customers to communicate across language barriers
Capture necessary info specific to each case type/workflow

Give your constituents an experience that makes them smile

With Government Solution Center by Cask, your constituents engage in self-service, request services efficiently, and maintain status visibility. Agents resolve issues faster, while you have the reporting and metrics you need for informed decision making.

Transform your resident and employee experience with Government Solution Center

This is where people, process, and technology come together to create an engagement vehicle for residents and government departments. Connect with us today to learn more about putting Government Solution Center to work for you.

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