Maximize ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management

Ensure transparency and cohesiveness between business needs and IT service capabilities with a modern approach to IT Operations Management

IT operations management maps business needs to IT service capabilities to maximize value to the business at the speed of digital transformation. Cask helps businesses facilitate and orchestrate the identification and definition of business services using our “Service Complete™” methodology, which creates better operational transparency and cohesiveness. Our Business Service/Application Discovery and Mapping practice marries the technical aspects of IT services with a market-based approach to enable end-to-end services with a customer focus.

Configuration Management Database

Get Visibility Into Your IT Environment

As your business grows and evolves, your ServiceNow instance should do the same. With Cask’s Managed Services packages, your organization will have access to a breadth of ServiceNow industry expert capabilities in a flexible package tailored to your needs. Our highly skilled ServiceNow experts will help you can save time, improve user experience, maximize ROI, and  achieve the maximum benefit from your ServiceNow investment.

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ServiceNow Configuration Management Database

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Service Mapping and Discovery

Service mapping and discovery identifies business opportunities at every level.

Service Mapping and Discovery is the process of identifying business services, applications, and other assets in your organization’s network in order to create a comprehensive “map” of how they all work together.

At Cask, we take a three-tiered approach to Service mapping and discovery with an outside-in approach that marries the technical aspects of IT services with a market-based approach to enable services without losing sight of the customer.

Aside from shifting the value of IT from a task taker to a valuable business service, service mapping and discover also enhance an organization’s understanding of how their services are set up and connected so that it’s a lot easier to prevent shadow IT, mitigate risk, and quickly identify and solve problems when they do arise.

Service Mapping

Identifies business opportunities at every level

Automation and Orchestration

Cask’s orchestration expertise brings further value to automation.

Many of today’s enterprise organizations find themselves running automated tasks across a variety of IT disciplines; including infrastructure, software release, security, compliance, and more. Automation is a helpful and perhaps even necessary tool for saving time and eliminating human error in today’s environment. However, in many situations the complexity has reached a point at which another layer of rules is beneficial to administrators.

At Cask, we deploy orchestration to solve the software development lifecycle through complete end-to-end automation. For us, orchestration means combining each discipline of automation across every platform then building business rules that support the just-right activity based on specific triggers and events.

CASK’s Automation and Orchestration

Saving time and eliminating human error

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Optimize, secure, and understand the business impact of your hybrid cloud services with Cask.

Serving IT as a business solution is all about being able to understand and pull value from your services and suppliers both internally and externally. The addition of cloud technology has made this task more complex when deploying in a hybrid environment.

At Cask, we’ve developed a tried-and-true hybrid cloud management process to help organizations identify key service components, build relationships among these assets, understanding what they do and how they need each other to do it, and finally put the right mechanisms in place to track that environment so they can confidently optimize, secure, and understand the business impact of each cloud or hybrid service.

Hybrid Cloud Management at Cask

Tried-and-true hybrid cloud management process

Event Management

At the most basic level, event management automates the process of an event triggering an incident, creating a ticket, and routing it to the right team to be fixed. However, at Cask, we help organizations take a more mature approach to event management so that they can not only implement flawless event management but also understand each event’s actual impact on services.

At Cask, we implement ServiceNow’s event management workflows alongside service mapping capabilities to develop a single dashboard from which an administrator can view the health of their business services, monitor all related alerts in one place, and quickly identify the root cause of IT operations issues to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

Our unique capability to combine event management and service mapping makes each tool more powerful and more useful for the organizations that use them.

ServiceNow’s Event Management

Implement and understand each event’s actual impact on services

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