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Streamlining IT operations for a leading pediatric healthcare provider



Reduction in CMDB errors


Asset 71@2x

Enhanced ITOM visibility



3.5 months from project start to go-live


ITOM: Discovery

ITOM: ITOM Visibility

Platform Foundations: Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


A leading pediatric healthcare innovator

The client is renowned for its exceptional patient care, groundbreaking medical research, and commitment to pediatric healthcare innovation. As a large children’s hospital in the United States, it serves a significant number of patients across a wide range of specialties. The hospital’s dedication to leveraging advanced technology for enhancing healthcare delivery aligns with its strategic initiative to improve IT operations, setting the stage for collaboration with Cask to address its specific ITOM challenges.

“The Cask team really went over and beyond with their efforts to help us resolve our CMDB related issues…. We have a greater understanding of what we need to do going forward.”

– Client Representative


Navigating a complex ITOM landscape

The healthcare provider faced significant challenges with its IT operations management (ITOM). Despite being a long-time user of ServiceNow, the hospital struggled with data quality and reliability issues in its configuration management database (CMDB) and automated discovery processes. These challenges hindered visibility into its IT estate, affecting operational efficiency and decision-making.


Strategic remediation and enhancement

The client, leveraging Cask’s expertise in ServiceNow ITOM solutions, embarked on a remediation project focused on high-priority CMDB and discovery issues. The solution involved the following:

  • Configuring CMDB deduplication, reclassification, and reconciliation rules to ensure data accuracy
  • Cleaning up configuration item (CI) and asset CI classes to streamline asset management
  • Implementing and configuring out-of-the-box (OOB) CMDB health dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) for continuous improvement
  • Defining discovery schedules, IP ranges, credentials, and locations to enhance the efficiency and coverage of asset discovery processes
  • Providing guidance on establishing robust CMDB data governance practices

Through these strategic initiatives, the hospital has set a robust foundation for continuous improvement in IT operations, ensuring long-term sustainability and enhanced service delivery capabilities.


Understood our business requirements?


Communicated clearly throughout the project?


Positioned us to achieve our desired business outcomes?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution(s)?


Cultivating a collaborative journey

This collaboration was about not only solving immediate issues but also empowering the hospital’s team. Through workshops, hands-on sessions, and continuous engagement, Cask provided the hospital with the tools and knowledge necessary for sustainable ITOM success. This partnership underscored the importance of mutual understanding, trust, and a shared commitment to excellence in achieving remarkable outcomes. The client not only resolved its immediate ITOM challenges but also laid the groundwork for ongoing optimization and efficiency in its IT services delivery for years to come.

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