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Global law firm accelerates enterprise program transformation, using ServiceNow

The client and Cask partner for several projects to harness the power of ServiceNow


reduced time stopwatch

30 hours/month saved in ITAM data validation & cleanup


Reduced technical deb

90% reduction in needed model refinement


Asset 71@2x

Improved process visibility


Transforming legal services with technology

This leading international law firm serves clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies across industry sectors. With over 1,000 attorneys and growing, the client aims to provide premium legal counsel informed by technology and analytics. The firm sees enterprise program transformation as essential to delivering efficient, data-driven services to clients worldwide

“The data’s better. It’s aligned in a single place. We have transparency and more visibility into how work’s getting done and the processes that we need to optimize.”

Chief Information Officer



From disjointed systems to unified service delivery

To better serve clients in today’s fast-paced business environment, the law firm knew it needed to modernize its approach to IT services. The firm’s systems had become fragmented over time, leading to inefficient manual processes that slowed service delivery. They saw ServiceNow as the platform to connect workflows, improve visibility, and enhance the employee and client experience. However, the firm needed guidance to harness ServiceNow’s full potential.

Moving on from their initial ServiceNow partner, the firm found in Cask a partner with expertise to methodically transform service delivery across the enterprise. Beginning with foundational incident and change management, Cask helped the firm standardize and automate key IT workflows. The partnership then expanded ServiceNow usage to IT asset management, Agile development, and beyond. With Cask’s counsel, the firm thoughtfully pursued 5 simultaneous workstreams based on business priorities.

Throughout the journey, Cask has focused on changing how the firm’s people work, not just implementing technology. With improved transparency and process consistency, the law firm has increased productivity and collaboration. By working hand-in-hand with Cask experts who understand their goals, the firm has been able to realize the full benefits of its ServiceNow investment.

Project 1: Governance

Orchestrating governance & oversight transformation


In a significant move towards enhancing operational oversight and governance, the firm partnered with Cask to kick off their ServiceNow collaborations. The project focused on achieving the firm’s 2023 Q1 and Q2 Objectives and Key Results, streamlining activities from engagement management to client architecture.

Leveraging various ITxM modules, Cask delivered comprehensive solutions that not only supported the firm’s immediate project needs but also set the stage for future scalability and effective governance.

The collaboration resulted in a data-driven, client-centric approach to project management and strategic consulting.

CSAT: 5/5 ★★★★★

Project 1: Governance

Project 2: ITSM

Empowering the firm with ITSM expertise for a modernized ecosystem


The firm and Cask collaborated to refine and elevate IT Service Management for the client.

Through key activities like ITIL v4 training sessions, service definition workshops, and RACI mapping, Cask provided comprehensive consulting to shape the future of IT services within the organization.

As a result, the firm can now manage its services more efficiently, with defined roles and actionable insights to ensure ongoing improvement.

Project 2: ITSM

Project 3: ITOM

Architecting ITOM excellence for the firm

ITOM Excellence

The client and Cask directed attention to IT Operations Management (ITOM), focusing on CMDB governance and data accuracy.

Through meticulously planned working sessions, development sprints, and user acceptance testing, the team achieved key milestones, including a compliant and complete CMDB.

The outcome was an empowered team at the law firm and an architecture poised for scale and operational excellence. For example, during an audit in the presence of a customer, the CISO was quickly able to look up pertinent information in real time and close the audit quickly.


  • ITOM: Discovery
  • ITOM: ITOM Visibility
Project 3: ITOM

Project 4: ITAM

Elevating IT asset management to new heights

IT Asset Management

The law firm redefined and optimized their IT Asset Management (ITAM) processes. With a focus on Hardware and Software Asset Management, the project successfully automated crucial workflows, freeing up an average of 30 hours per month in data validation and cleanup.

The implementation led to a drastic reduction in data inconsistencies, requiring refinement of only 3 asset models over the course of 2 months, compared to 25-75 models at any given time prior to this project.

CSAT: 5/5 ★★★★★


  • ITAM: Hardware Asset Management
  • ITAM: Software Asset Management
Project 4: ITAM

Project 5: SPM

Mastering agile development: A seamless transformation


The law firm and Cask implemented an Agile Development approach within the firm’s Strategic Portfolio Management framework. Together, they crafted a customized journey that streamlined the firm’s software development life cycle (SDLC), optimized team roles, and delivered hands-on training.

The engagement resulted in not only a successful Agile transformation but also set the stage for the firm to achieve its 2023 objectives efficiently and strategically.

CSAT: 5/5 ★★★★★


  • Strategic Portfolio Management: Agile Development
Project 5: SPM


Driving change through trusted collaboration

At each stage of the law firm’s ServiceNow roadmap, Cask has emphasized enablement over just execution. Cask’s advisors actively listen to understand the client’s business needs and desired outcomes. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all implementation approach, Cask tailors solutions to drive real impact. The spirit of partnership cultivated through the engagement has been critical to success.

Cask’s commitment to knowledge transfer has allowed the firm to maximize the value of its Now Platform. With Cask guiding the journey, the client has developed greater internal expertise to support ServiceNow capabilities. The firm knows it has a partner invested in its transformation not just today, but also in the future. By working collaboratively towards a shared vision, Cask and the law firm will continue to evolve ServiceNow usage and unlock new opportunities to better serve clients.

“Cask is a true partner. They get what I care about, which is my people and my teams. . . It’s one of the most important partnerships we have.”

Chief Information Officer


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