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Extend the service management value chain with Cask’s Service Complete™ solution.

Our ITSM practice is focused on extending the value chain to your customers and constituency through end-to-end processes and services that incorporate technology with service management practices that will enable operational efficiencies and better engagement with your business partners. Cask can help you navigate to the next level of service management capabilities with our “Service Complete™” methodology, which creates better operational efficiencies, transparency and return on investment.

Why is IT Service Management Important?

Positioning IT as a set of services that transform the way your people work.

IT service management is a collection of processes which empower IT departments to create, deliver, and support various IT offerings. And in today’s digitally-transformed enterprises, those offerings are used every single day in every single department from HR to Facilities, Finance, Marketing, Sales and more.

IT Service Management Platform

Create, deliver, and support various IT offerings

Transformation Goes Beyond IT

Implementing IT service management into the deepest levels of your organization.

IT service management initiatives don’t typically fail because of underwhelming or faulty technology; they fail because thorough adoption efforts aren’t implemented at every level of the enterprise.

At Cask, we realize implementing ITSM is a lot about cultural transformation, not just IT transformation. Once the solution is in place and user training has occurred, many providers will close the project there. Unfortunately, maximizing value is not that simple. Implementation and adoption are two very different activities. The way the solution is utilized by the end-users is the key to ongoing value. This requires inspection and management that starts prior and goes well beyond the day one rollout.

Implement ITSM to Transform your Business

Implement thorough adoption efforts at every level

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The New School of Advisory Services

Cask’s updated ITSM portfolio includes 8 tailor-made offerings for positive business outcomes.

Old-school, one-size-fits-all runbooks that don’t adapt to your business and aren’t prescriptive enough to meet your unique needs simply don’t cut it in the age of digital transformation. So why are you still sticking with the old-school ITSM vendors that churn them out on an assembly line?

At Cask, our updated ITSM portfolio includes eight offerings that are tailored to provide effective strategies, processes, and solution design to enable positive business outcomes for every single, unique customer.

  • Service architecture
  • Business process management
  • Assessment and analysis
  • Service continuity planning
  • Education and coaching
  • Tool procurement advisory
  • IT asset management
  • Cloud and mobility strategy

The New School of Advisory Services

Skip old-school runbook assembly lines

ITSM That’s Built to Last

Business changes fast. Is your IT service management process built to break or to keep up?

Your business environment changes quickly. That means your ITSM capabilities, which are a key element of your overall business success, must be ready to change right along with it.

Unfortunately, during many service management implementation projects, companies spend much of their time and resources configuring things to match the current structure rather than looking at the future to consider to how their approach will handle changes resulting from reorganizations, growth, mergers, and more.

Cask solves this upgrade pain by partnering with ServiceNow to implement a smart IT service management strategy that is fully optimized to make the most of changes, updates, and growth.

ITSM Solutions

Be ready, business changes fast

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