IT Service Management

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Increase productivity and create amazing employee and customer experiences. Expedite value and platform maturity, and gain full visibility into processes and next steps with dashboards and analytics.


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IT Service Management Offerings

Optimize your ITSM with a comprehensive service offering from Cask.

Cask's Strategic Goals

ITSM Essentials

Identify the current state of your ITSM processes, implement the best solutions for your environment, and access support from core configuration to active enablement and go-live.

ITSM Virtual Agent Spark

Provide employees with a powerful 24/7 self-service portal that empowers them to produce more valuable work and access seamless IT experiences. A “Built with Now” offering, our Virtual Agent Spark offering is tailored to you. An automation roadmap drives self-service well past implementation. Learn more about ITSM VA Spark.

ITSM Better with ITOM AIOps

Manage service disruptions more effectively while reducing costs with AIOps-driven insights, intelligence, and workflow automation.

ITSM Intelligent Automation

Rely on best practices for the automation and improvement of the IT service management experience to increase the value of the Now Platform.

Service Catalog Optimization

Provide a superior service experience by creating a user-friendly service catalog. Streamline fulfillment processes, reducing service delivery times, and optimize workforce capacity.

Major Incident Manager

Streamline and enhance major incident processes. Quickly identify and engage on-call resources, improving response times and visibility while reducing downtime and costs associated with stand-alone incident response tools.


Hi. We’re Cask.

Our team of certified architects, engineers, and process experts have real-life experience with owning and governing enterprise service management platforms to help you achieve quick, meaningful wins and techniques.

Continuously Improve with a Comprehensive Approach to IT Service Management

Rely on Deep Expertise to Modernize the ITSM Experience

With the rapid evolution of digital transformation, you need a team with deep experience in ITSM. At Cask, we have the world-class, real-world support you need to manage large ITSM and enterprise platform teams, governance, and change management across your organization.

Focus on People and Processes, Then Technology

Your organization is different from any other, so why would you adopt a one-size-fits-all approach? We aren’t just tool implementers: We apply solutions that empower your people and processes and mature at your desired rate of transformation.

Accelerate Value with Significant Wins Early On

There’s no need to scramble to find results to show off to the C-suite. We help clients demonstrate the need for ITSM through quick wins and techniques, empowering you to benefit as soon as possible from your investment.

Organizations that streamline their ITSM to offer excellent experiences to their employees accelerate their results and achieve the following outcomes:

increase in first-call resolution
mean time to service resolution
accuracy in the first assignment of a ticket

150% Greater Visibility in Cases

Organizations Like Yours Are Modernizing Their ITSM Practices

“Cask blew me away. Interactions with the team—even from the beginning—were amazing. They understood our goals and took the blindfold away quickly, showing us exactly what our results could look like. They had us hooked immediately.”

— Ryan Bernarduci
Director of HR Information Management and Analytics
North Carolina State University

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